–spandai pandai tupai melompat akhirnye jatuh ke tanah juga–

hmm…. aint dat dat old malay phrase ya hear evry now and then>? Well… blog ma thoughts again… sumthin i did ended me up in deep garbage 2day.. Yeah, as usual.. i brought ma cellphone 2sch… n as usual i wud alwiz get away wiv it… but not tiz time….

i wuz d stupid one. Da stupid one who never knew bettah than 2jump durin pjk period… yesh.. i wuz that dumb… ma cellphone dropped out in front of evryone, much 2their horror.. but hey, tha teacher there wuz cool about it… so wuz everyone.. but later, sumthing happened that made me realize i shubbe more on guard.. more aware… on ma toes… but that sucked. C’mon, why keep so vigil wen ur wiv ur classmatez? Ya own frenz? cuz in ma class, Ur own fren WOULD tell on u…

Clueless i was, as i headed 2tha math class.. that doofus (yes, ive neva liked her) came up 2me, n  asked  2have ma phone. Yeah .. fine.. she wanzta confiscate it? ookie.. BIG deal!I tailed her all d way 2Pn. Su’s room… thank God she happenz 2attend tha same church i do…So she calmly asked me why i hadda bring it.. Now that worked ma mind real quick n i managed 2cum up wiv a considerable reason (not excuse, mind u) So yeah.. accordin 2tha “green book of bullsh*t” imma facing tha music of gettin 5demerits *winx* no probbie… ma merit markz will cover that up! n ma folks were sposed 2cum n get it 2moro… Shhhho wurt? Even they, knew about it… so that wuz settled fer me>..

*SIGH* So that wuz it..a moment i neva knew id face.. well too bad fer me.. i gez i wuznt lucky 2day… hmm…. i dun blame ma fren fer tellin on me.. cuz, yeah.. shez a prefect.. whuddya expect? An angel dat blinkz an eye? But then again…5 otha prefects saw n sed nuthin bout it… even if they wud, i wudnt givva damn.. but this, wuz diffie… like, totally throbbing! She wuz ma own fren.. a fren dat usually sitz bside me in class… kinda gud frenz too… now that startled me. Yeah, probbly ma buddy wuz right.. “u juz kant trust anyone now” she sez… i soon realized that, she hit tha jackpot… more correct than squareroot of 4 is 2.. more accurate than ten decimal points.. but above all.. perfectly pinpointed lyka posh poodle… Frenz are fereva.. but sum thingz juz destroyz frenship.. think about it… =/

U’ve tarnished ma name, got me demerit-ed, got me in trouble wit tha discipline teacher, let down on me, made ma parentz cum 2geddit 2moro.. all because i brot ma cellphone to sch.. ma mistake hmmm….????? confessed, admitted.. hell yeah i noe i broke tha sch rule! But i din make all hell break loose did i? Sumthing so darn serious.. that i had 2face unforseen consequences….? I can accept it, but ma heart juz refuses 2accpt that a very own fren o’ mine wuz DAT ONE DAT GIRL DAT PREFECT who let on me.  But one thingz fer sure… nothin.. n i mean NOTHING is gonna destroy our frenship.. Most definately NOT fer a trivial thing like thiz! cuz like, u actually carried ur duty out well.. WUT ELSE CAN I SAY OR BLAME U ANY FURTHER? U did wut wuz right.. by reporting me..

I noe i sound nutz but i actually respect that.We need f*ckin prefects liddat 2uphold tha sch rulez..If there werent prefects like her, everybody wud b illegally bringin stuff 2sch.. breakin da rulez… datz wut prefectz shud do. Skool policedogs.. they track  n sniff out all meanz of disobedience.. hmm.. i noe itz hard.. i understand.. So, BIG SCHMILES n do ur duty that has been entrusted upon yall bloody prefects!Preserve tha discipline of tha studentz!