ohh finally! im back in ma frenzta home! afta such looong time of hoLz.. *grinz* da midterm exxxamz were ova n dat marx da start of our hoLz! *yay* oh ssso.. wut did i do durin da hoLz hmm….? so much 2do, so lil time! *sigh* but one thingz fer sure… i njoyd maself 2da fullest till i aint wantin 2go back 2sch!  =)

hmm… ma beginin of da hoLz were spent watchin moviez n cartoonz… spendin quality time… thn im off 2ipoh! (fer wut??) ohh… grampz 50th annvy!


cool huh? they actually achieved sumthin liddat.. i wanna follo in their futstepz! cmon.. 1 2 step! 




so afta da big day wuz ova.. da bond btween da family wuz oviuzly stronger.. i evn met relativez i neva knew existed! *lol*

we came home… n soon afta dat i had 2go 4dance practise.. it wuz foh da CLHS campfyre… with ma buddiez.. stayed up late.. n later n later.. oh wait… we didnt sleep… how pitiful… =( *sobz* then nx mornin dawned upon us.. unfortunately we greeted it with heavy eyelidz n groggy attitudez… *sigh* lasted thru da whole day in da sun.. finally itz ova… i had 2leave early tho.. =P

*aiiiiiiiiiiiiiie* nx mornin at 5.30am.. nnoooooooooooo… *groanz* i had 2wakie wakie… cuz im followin ma sch trip 2 KL N GENTING! cool huh>> yesh! liberation frm ma parentz… =) da whole trip wasnt very educational afta all.,.,., spent most of da time shoppin *shhhh* hahahaa.. i shopped till i dropped! da largest array of brandz kept me jumpin lika beserk kangaroo! kekekeekekeke… da sad thing was.. oh well… i didnt hv enuf cash 2buy dinna on da last day cuz all of it was spent!

haahhahaaaha… i came home fully exhausted but still in da mood 2watch msian idol and met the super cute host Jien.. such ridiculous antics.. how can u miss it? yello shortz dude aint dat nutz afta all…. =) hmm… tha nx day, i went 2tezco n bought 2pink pigz! a small one which i named “poo” (yeah darling datz her name so bear with it) n a bigger one named “piggy”. theyr both sosososo soft n cuddly dat no one cud resist it! (oh well… mebbe u can but i cudnt) then, b n i watche mr. n mrs. smith… n hola! datz sucha perfect movie! one of ma favz! =)

but soon enuf, we got rlly intrigued by a rlly cool model of adidiaz shoez n decided 2buy it! *woohoo* minez pink n his is blaak! =)

haahaha.. ma freedom ended quite well too… had bbq partay in buddy nadz house for her bday in d evenin….




so.. datz all well sed… ma holidayz…. owh shoot….. sch started… n gez wut? those teacherz had fnishd markin our midterm pprz! guez i gotta keep ma fingerz crossed! =)