cheerioz bloggarz.. oh well… I aint sposed 2b staring innocently at anyone or anything fo dat matter…. hmm… i shud be actually ashamed of maself n run 2hide at d corner!!! =0

wut did i do? Muahahaaha.. nth 2b proud of in fact… okie here goez (im so sorry ma Lord) Every Tuezday, imma alwiz stayin back foh CF (christian felloship) in sch… So 2day, a buddy o’ mine wuz going 2mcd u see… stop jumpin in2 conclusion!! Where wuz i? oh.. okie.. So, being sucha gud fren i am, i didn wan her 2go alone.. NOW DATZ AN EXCUSE!! *grr* scratch that.. Well, partly bcuz of that too… but i went wiv her wen i wuz actually supposed 2be in CF meeting.. =/

Guilt tried 2get d bettah of me, but c’mon… i dun do tiz all d time do i??? So i juz went ahead… Wen we got there… sshhhh.. itz wuz kinda quiet n lonely there.. lIke, duh! Da stampede frm da adjacent sch has not been dissmissed yet.. (sowwie dun terasa)So gezz we notty gurlz went? ahhahaha… well, there wuz certainly nth else 2do.. discrimination plz.. we went 2PFS… yeah.. met up wiv lotza ex-cglians there! *winx*

Hmm…. saw more n more peepz cummin out.. but those were tha juniorz.. no familiar faces.. =/ Gawd knew wut went in2 our minds, we got bolder n went in2 da sch itself! *horror strikes* I started feelin funny… she did too… but we were very near da interior (almost at d bike shed) Da “weird” feelin wuz stabbin me like i wuz sum convict! “Leave now!”! yelled ma conscience… i juz hadda follo ma heart.. So we left… returned 2mcd…

*yayyie* i met ma 2lil bruddaz there! Afta sum food, we made a bee line fer ma sch bustop.. (yeahh.. i wuz constantly checkin da time) if ma mum sees me, id be tha meal fer 2nitez dinna! *gasp* So yeah, actin innocently as possible, i called her wiv ma cell (yesh i bring it 2sch evryday u havva prob?) ^_^ n there she wuz waitin fe me inside d sch… i casually walked up n went in! *phew* But b4 i went inside i saw dat gurl frm tha CF too. again, guilt swallowed me whole…. hmmm…. wut an adventure!

imma not duin it again… (crossed fingerz) that is, if i can help it! Oh well… uve got one life, one chance 2njoy it.. so.. muahahaahahah……. Ive 2beg fer fohgiveness later… i hate it wen i do sumthin wrong but i kant do nutz bout it… imma notty gurl… =< n i aint proudda it.. So ciao peepz!! -laterz