Remember the recent blogpost which I shared how I was toying and exploring with TM iTalk WHOA 's portal ?


Well.. guess what? They threw a party just for us! I've never seen so many bloggers gather under one roof in kinship, food and rockin' out with Bunkface all night long before! 😀 It was really happening in merriment!

Let's check out what the party has in store for us 😀


I arrived rather early but a few of my friends were even earlier than I was!


Upon arriving at the registration counter, I signed the guestlist and received a goodie bag containing a pair of headphones!


Ooooh cool 🙂 now we can all have an extra pair of headphones to call using the iTalk WHOA portal!


Bumped into lotsa friends! It was nice catching up with some old blogger friends whom I've not met in a while and of course, chilling around with the rest of them over food and drinks. Looks like TM iTalk really brings far-flung friends together!



There were desktops and laptops on the counter for us all to surf the net and to continue exploring the spankin' new portal! We used the headphones available to try and test out calling each other, including our friends who weren't here at this event




Everyone else were also either trying for their first time or just checkin' it out further!


Wooohh serious faces 😀


I tried calling mom in Penang but she didn't pick up the telephone! But I finally managed to call a good friend in Ipoh! 🙂 We chatted for a short while but hung up shortly after because the club became noisier and noisier due to the increasing number of people rollin' in.


Loud and clear, babeh! 😀

I should try it again with the Boyfie in Singapore


Soon, it was time for dinner! The buffet line was opened and there food there was scrumptious. There was all sorts of food ranging from appetizers, main courses, soups, desserts, drinks including other sweet and savory things!  I remembered having 2 helpings of the Tiramisu. Nom noms!


Friends gathering at the table to eat 😀


The event kick-started soon after with the really beautiful host of the evening (sorry I didn't get your name!) welcoming us all and introducing a little bit about what TM iTalk WHOA is all about. This was followed by a series of speeches by the Bosses and VIPs of TM.


Check out Sam of Bunkface on the left! 😀 Their band is gonna rock the night away!



But before that, there was some fun & games being played throughout the night. One of the games which I was asked to play was the Chopstick Game. The contestants were supposed to pick up ice-cubes WITH FREAKIN' CHOPSTICKS and drop them into a glass of orange juice and will have to gulp down the whole thing.


The thing is… I'VE NEVER GRASP THE METHOD NOT FINGER-PLAY OF CHOPSTICKS since I was a child. I remember during Sports Day in Primary One where all the teams had to pick up bean bags with chopsticks and drop them into pails. I was the cause of my team's loss!

Don't you psychoanalyze me! 🙁 🙁 🙁 I know I'm Chinese but I STILL do not know how to use the chopstick correctly *stares at mom*


Thankfully, buddy Cedric offered to take over my place (thus saving me from making a fool outta myself)

to play the game. PHEW! 😀 😀 xoxo


After all the activities were over, Bunkface was about to take center stage! 🙂 Woo hooo! Having only been in the industry for 5 years, Bunkface has certainly gone a long way, winning numerous awards and successfully managed to make their hits resident of the local radio airwaves.


They've played in other parts of the world before too.. the one which I can recall was their gig in Australia



The night ended with all the bloggers cheering on for them and singing along the popular tunes. Who could ever forget 'Through My Window'? The mysterious song that caused a huge buzz everywhere 😀 We all ended the swell night with lotsa camwhoring and big hugs.


Thanks TM for bringing us all together this evening!