Finally had the time to sit down and blog about my birthday in Twenty-One, Bangsar!


Just like last year, I usually have a few birthday celebrations as friends come in different groups… and different geographical locations. It'll be tough to maul them altogether. This year, I celebrated a few birthdays too – with a group of fellow netizens in KL and Singapore, my wonderful Fockers in Ipoh and most certainly my insane homies back in Penang.


Mom's e-card 😀


But first! On the morning of my birthday, (slept at 5am the night before replying Facebook & Twitter birthday wishes, calls & sms-es BIG THANKEW YA!)  the doorbell rang and I lumbered outta bed to open it. Before me, stood a man with a bouquet of flowers!


Loved them so much! It certainly made my morning a cheerier one 😀

Thanks to one of my good friends June



Yes gurl, I will enjoy myself tonight! 😀 You can be sure about that hehe

Let's begin! Shall we? 😀



Dolled up and left for Twenty-One bar to celebrate my 21st burpday 😀

Studded brown clutch by Soak Republic



Two of the earliest birds! 😀 Eve and Greg


More of my guests started to roll in one by one….


Cathy and Yat 😀


With Ren! 😀



before I knew it more familiar faces appeared! So glad you guys could make it 😉

With such a short notice of TWO DAYS!


My lovely guests lookin' fab that night too!

Classmates, food review mates, blogmates and lots more



Chillin by the water feature


I feel like keeeeeeeeeling them! Eric BBM-ed me saying something came up and they won't be coming at all

Was so sad for being FFK-ed (ditched) last minute, how could they do this to me on my birthday?








T____________T I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry!



When I screamed, they said


awwwwwww. Gawd, much love 😀



While I was busy making sure everyone had a drink in their hands

Was nice to see everyone mingling about already!


We chatted, took pictures and caught up with each other


The drink of the night was Johnnie Walker Black Label 😀


Cheers Ren and Jeff! 😀 😀 Bottoms up yo!


But all hell broke loose when Eric bought me a glass of Graveyard

It's a killer and it tastes awfully vile! Aaacckk


Brass Iconography ring by Soak Republic

What a bitter Graveyard birthday present! *sniff I managed to down it ALL.

Whee! Thanks dearie




Eric and Jac also surprised me again with something else!


A Flaming Lamborghini

OH NO!!!!!!


I dragged the other Eric to join me in this murder!

Sharing is caring, no? 😉 😉 heee!


But he left me midway to fend for myself! aaaauughhh!

haha. But it was all gulped down in the end! Thanks guys



Random peekture of my guests during the parteh 😀


After numerous shots, bottoms up challenges, a Graveyard and a Flaming Lambo,

it was safe to say that I was starting to get a lil woozy~



With my fave Shouters! Daniel, Yen, Aaron, Eve & Satkuru 😀

I loved the Liquor Roulette set btw! More drinking ey? Muahaha



it was not long before the bottle of Black Label went dry. So I opened another bottle!

I don't exactly recall, but I was pretty certain the waitor gave me the bill to sign but no pen to sign it with!



More random party peektures 😀


With ma gurls Shantee and Esther 😀


Jac, Eric, Yat and I 😀


Ying Zi, Jeff, See Pin, Chris, Cathy and Ren



Late but always worth the wait, my diva Joe finally arrived!


He came and gave me a big fat hug and……




One step closer to becoming a rockstaaaar babeh!!

m/ Joe whatchu laughing at you? 😛



Sometime after the stroke of midnight, my biological birthdate was officially over. But no, not the party 😀

It was time for the birthday cake!


Yummmm!! Dark White Chocolate Cheese cake, from Secret Recipe

My absolute fave 😀 10 STARS!



As there were lotsa smokers in da house, it didn't take long for the candles to be lighted up 🙂


Apparently, I didn't allow anyone to snatch the Ukelele away from me! 😀


Very woozy but I KNEW at this point someone made a toast to me

I heard my name and the clinking of glasses! Love you guys



Group photo yo!

With everyone sans a few who already headed home + extreme latecomers

Doesn't matter what time you come or leave, most importantly you're HERE to share a big bite of my birthday:

😀 😀


Speaking of extreme latecomers, Nigel, Mike and Jess (not me, the other Jess) came

after the cake cutting session 😀


Continued partying with everyone 😀

Let's all cut us some slack and let loose, today's a parteh time! 😀


xoxo 😀 The LAST ones to leave!


As it was a Thursday night, most of my guests were working adults which had to leave by 1am plus. Due to work the very next morning. AHHH!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 THE PERKS OF BEING A TWENTY-ONE YEAR OLD!!! *rubs it in* Muahahahah. That's for repetitively saying this to my face –








heck, age is just a number *winks*

then again, what haven't we done by twenty one? 😛 😛




You only turn 21 ONCE so make the best of it!


Tonight was certainly a night to remember. Thanks to each and everyone of my rockstar guests for the presents

and who made the party all the more merrier and especially sharing my big day with me


even IF you didn't get me a present due to extreme short notice, your presence was the present already!

But those who did, thanks for going the extra mile to make me smile  🙂


I don't remember this picture being taken but I reckon I was thanking all my guests on Twitter!

heck, forgive the dreadful grammatical errors I saw the very next morning >___<


Guess alcohol can really fudge up your braincells


Thank you Satkuru, Aaron and Eric for helping me take peektures of my party!


While I crashed at the backseat of the car, the boys were having their own bit of fun 😛


Thanks to Ying Zi, Chris and Anis who walked me back to my crib and ensured I was fine before they left.

Woke up the next morning with a beautiful sight –


Birthday presents from last night!

I guess these were the only memories (besides photos) that I have!


As expected, this was YET ANOTHER BIRTHDAY I DON'T REMEMBER! *sobs*

I gotta stop piling on the alco yo!


Highlight of the morning = A LEOPARD PRINT G-STRING

when I ripped open one birthday present


*faints* 😛 😛