I’m so FAT! Yeah, like… fat with excess babyfat and love handles showing in all the wrong places. T___T *sniff* Okay, I know every girl complains that they’re fat even IF they’re not.


I know this FAT issue applies to almost everyone who ain’t too satisfied with their body.

Unfortunately, I’m dissatisfied as well (don’t worry, I’m faaar from 45KG btw)



However, if I were to attempt to enter The Biggest Loser Asia reality TV show, I wouldn’t even qualify. But that’s beside the point! It would be ideal if I could shed off some weight and bust away some fat to complement my frame.



Body wellness, health and a balanced diet – that’s all it takes to stay fit and slim, right?

But again, unfortunately, many of us fail to achieve our desired weight/body shape.



How many of you made New Year Resolutions to lose weight every year, but never accomplish it?




I used to be gym junkie back in 2007. For those of you who have been following this blog since then, would already know! I ate healthily, avoided suppers, hit the gym often and worked out every day.



If you didn't see me at home, you can find me in the gym

Yup, that was how active I was in working out!



But when I moved to KL, my world crashed! T__T

I never found the time to maintain that lifestyle anymore, as I will be swamped with work in the night and day, hence would frequently be exhausted by the end of the day to even lift my ass to the gym.




It's depressing to have put on so much weight!




But something else had also found its way to me *beams in delight* … A total body wellness center called My Body Secrets! Their flagship store is located in the heart of the busy Kota Damansara and they’re fab in getting to the bottom of our overweight issues! By identifying every individual’s unique biological traits and respond to our body needs first.

I got there for the 1st time on one rainy night and thankfully, there was ample parking





The aromatic sent in the centre was indeed invigorating as I stepped into My Body Secrets for the 1st time. Greeted by 2 friendly (and pretty!) staff, they showed me to a pretty glass room. I was then served rose tea while they took some notes about my eating habits, sleep cycle and lifestyle in general.





They took my measurements and weighed me (I HATED THIS PART – MOMENT OF TRUTH YO).

Initially, I was very self-conscious and dared not bare myself entirely to them. But they were very accommodating, patient and made me feel that there was nothing to be ashamed about! But I shan’t tell you the exact weight okay! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›





When the entire results were tabulated, I was told that my intended goal was just to lose 5KG of fat and tone up. That’s such a relief! I was initially thinking 20KG LOL (yes, that’s how fat I think I am)






Soon after, the boss of My Body Secrets – Ms. Ruby Chua, sat down to have a lil consultation session with me. I liked her approach and guidance in this whole health oriented journey I’m embarking on. She made me feel very at ease and even mentioned that I don’t need to go on an extreme (and sad!) diet to lose weight. I can still continue being a normal human being with normal eating craves, like Ice-Cream or Char Koay Teow – as long as I eat them in moderation and know WHEN to eat it.





She then recommended which treatment/session that they were going to do for me and also requested that I send her my everyday meal plans (so she can roughly monitor my eating patterns) Such conviction! That’s what all health junkies should be like



I explored the bathroom and mirror area too ๐Ÿ˜€

It was really well decorated and spacious



So yeah, my first week went very well. They make sure I am disciplined enough to come at least twice a week! I had a very pleasant and ticklish experience on my 1st day, it was some sort of massager thingy which gives you a feeling of being pressed, rubbed and kneaded where your fats accumulate!



Wheee! It was a  relaxingly firm massage



The 2nd day was a different one altogether! I was wrapped up like a mummy and covered with a heat blanket .Gosh! I was really drenched in my own sweat maximus! It shows I have active sweat glands haha. It’s always good to perspire, cos it rids your body of unnecessary toxins!



I felt like SuperGirl all wrapped up in shiny cling wrap & oiled down with Ginseng Oil


The lovely gals at My Body Secrets kept reminding me to drink lotsa water to replenish my water loss after the session lest I dehydrate. Yes madam!



Oh and guess what dearies? I’m giving away a few vouchers that entitles you to a FREE body treatment worth RM388! Yes don’t worry, it’s not only for chicks… the fellas can have fat issues too right? Beer bellies, begone! Fat thighs and jiggly arms away!


Just tell me why you want it and it’s yours to try for yourselves and experience it if you don’t believe how awesome they are 



Camwhoring when I was changing into my robes



Anyways, in my fat nutshell, I would definitely say I enjoyed my first week. There’s no need for all those extreme dieting, strenuous exercise and sweltering saunas when you have My Body Secrets. Rest assured that they get you to lose your excess weight healthily.



Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me on my 2nd week there!