Sin. Sin. Sin.

Had lunch with my buddies in Chilis today and ohmygoodness sweet holy mother earth, we were stuffed to the max! That bottomless this and bottomless that really killed me… but hey, it was gooood. Oh boy, Mexicans rock!

Undeniably, the portions were large. No, gigantic. No, enormous. Stop it. Go read the thesaurus to find all the adjectives relating to my subject matter. I would accept ALL. Anyhow, all the dieters healthy diet went down the drain.. especially Edwynn’s. Poor thing, but he still chomped down almost everything!

  Here’s the proof. I’ll send it to the unmerciful Lord of Gastronomy.
Such food is indeed sinful.

We were full to the brim had had to take turns eating each other’s food. Bite by bite, each bite closer to an empty plate. *phew* That was fabulous. Bought time by talking about such unexpected things, inertia? haha.. no idea why. And oh, the Tetris theory. Ya know that old stupid Tetris game that has blocks of many shapes coming down while you frantically try to clear the bottom part by making the blocks form a straight  line to make way for more to pile up>? yeah that game. Surprisingly, there’s a theory about it. =)

Isn’t this like tetris as well? The more you eat, the more it piles up!! ohhhh.. the sinfully good taste!

Note to self: NO DINNER FOR ME!!