I feel elated; woo-hoo! Probably on cloud nine by the time the night rolls on.

Work was fantastic, sales hit the roof! =P Because I’m there… ahahaha! Kidding! (Ivan’s gonna kill me)
There was this group of dudes whom I reckon are a buncha financial planners who came in to buy some corporate stuff. By chance, I was the one who attended to them. Uhm, that took a real long time; more of almost an hour. But hey, we all got along pretty easily while doing business and they told me that I had potential to be a financial planner – even better, because I come from a Mass Communication background. Probably it was the way I spoke and the diplomacy I had? No idea why, no clue whatsoever.

Anyhow, they gave me their contact and asked me to try it out… probably to join them?
 Newbie in-training? *LOL*

Does this lil lady look anything like a high-flying financial planner at all? Not!

It’s actually the piccie of me before my presentations for my presentation that contributes for the finals during my last semester. =P
whatever comes, I accept the challenge. No harm trying though. *grin* It just made my day; somehow, somewhere out there are people who acknowledge my strengths.

It motivates me.
It compels me.

It became a catalyst for me to put my best foot foward even more because wherever you go, there are people constantly watching.

On a less serious note, one of my customers wanted to try on the pair of slacks that the mannequin had on. Seems like no problem right? But the thing was, there ain’t no stock of those pair of slacks anymore! Being left with no other alternative, I made my colleague strip the mannequin off it’s pair of slacks! The worst part was that my colleague was a dude as well. *grin* Honestly, I pretended to be occupied when I made him do it because I didn’t want to do such an embarrassing task! (sorry Justin!) ahahha So there he was, striping the poor male mannequin with the entire store looking at him with giggles under their breaths! *ahem* I was one of them, in fact, I was worse because I snapped a piccie of him doing so!

haha. Wait a second-

Justin! You look like you’re doing something more than just stripping him! Don’t you look like you’re… erm…. my dear readers, why don’t I just leave it to ya’ll to say it on my behalf? haahaahahha!! let your imagination run wild like mine! =P