I just love birthdays! It just pumps the euphoria and jubilation of spirit. This time, it is Benj’s mothers birthday!

I feel like slapping Benj and Rach. haha. They passed me the cash and that’s it. I went darting across the mall from one shop to another for hours on end frantically searching for the birthday gift. Hey, seriously. Think I’ve got all the time in the world? It somehow ain’t fair.

What’s done is done.

I’m really glad that I chose a gift that she’ll really love. How many people would actually take the trouble to just keep looking and looking and looking till the perfect gift is found? It sure ain’t no piece of cake. I finally bought her an Eau de Parfume from Crabtree And Evelyn. The best part was that it wasn’t just any other bottles, it was a special edition traveling one – that looks like a classy steel pen.
I am feeling rather envious of her present now. Hehe, I would love to have that as part of my belongings too. *hint*

I was so glad she liked it lots. She better do! *grin*

At night, we celebrated her birthday altogether in The Ship, Batu Feringghi. 

The interior was romantic and and soft melodies were playing in the background ~~~~~~ oooh

But bahhh, but it ain’t no date of ours =)

It’s his mom’s 46th birthday! And my my, did she freak out big time when someone texted her a ‘Happy 49th Bday’ message. She flipped!

All’s well ends well!

Oh, and yeah… we went to look around at some stuff at the bazaar along Feringghi road. Hmm.. lotsa imitation brands and fake goods though. Typical.

We then answered to nature’s call to the loo and also dropped by into Benj’s ‘home’ to check it out. Wow, that semi-D seems quite nice and cosy too. All of them were walking all around exploring the place. Hey, even though the circumstances were as such, we even got down a lil notty, should I say? Haha. Miss you my man