After 3 months of feeling what it’s like to be in the working world, I think I might have enough at the present moment. It was fun nonetheless, with camaraderie and (sadly) politics as well. The close-knitted part was of course, made up of us and the political issues were caused by that woman. Everyone in g2000 agrees and that had spurred me to mention it here.

The relationship between my immediate boss and I was splendid. It was genuine and close. Haha, we even bunked in at her place after clubbing. Suppers and target-achieved celebrations were great too. At work, we would always had so much to chat about… especially about ‘stuff’ during our people-watching. Hehe, umm, that’s rather classified. =P

Being in g2000 had taught me much. In some way, I’m more learned and matured, plus a more courteous ‘lady’ as well. Here’s to all my colleagues at g2000; many thanks for making my 1st working experience a blast! 

 Probably the best boss I ever had!

We converse in Hokkien as he ain’t used to English & I ain’t used to Mandarin

 He’s such sweetie ain’t he? 
Gonna miss our music chats dude!

That’s Nicky, he’s somewhat againts cameras. Silly enough to try to hide from me

Will visit you guys any other day, keep hitting our sales target
With that, I bid a sweet adieu