Hmm… somehow, I managed to have that barbeque- albeit a mini one of course. Nevertheless, I could feel the camaraderie between us besties and it was a warm and fun one! Hmm.. as a Girl Guide, I love messing with barbeque and charcoal pits =P But we used an electric BBQ pit instead. According to Nads, it’s much more convenient, hassle-free and yes, CLEAN. Hmm.. how can I not agree? It’s true… sadly though. Sometimes, having traditionally messy BBQs are great too. Honest!

Steph, Nads and I had a jolly good time being the grill chefs of the night!

That’s us fooling around as we grilled

Two capsicums sitting on a tree –                      

Kay Ai Ass Ass Ai An Gee –

That was before it was stuffed
with delicious stuffings and gravy

Doesn’t this just looks goood? It tastes even better!
haha  for viewing purposes only!

The ultimatum had finally descended! What’s better than consuming and allowing the delicious flow of aromatic marinated  juices seep through your teeth and all the way down your throat and into your tummy?

Sorry! I couldn’t be bothered to recapture this terribly aligned  picture because we were starving like parched pigs! OInk

The potatoes, sausages, stuffed mushroom chicken capsicums, lamb, chicken, butter prawns were the bomb.

We’re so proud!!