Today hell pissed me. Like, so much!

Dad, as usual, pissed me when he called me during my classes. Thankfully, it was during Film Studies. Soon after taking his call, he text messaged me with the same reason why he called me. TWO repetitive text messages! I hate nothing more than to receive repetitive texts from him – AS USUAL! That was the spark of my frustration… but I wasn’t frustrated yet =)

Then came this stupid and obnoxious jerk from the August ’07 semester. Hey, I’m sorry if you’re reading this but u DID piss me off.  He yelled my name the moment I walked into the Internet lab and the whole room looked in my direction. *shit*
Which was rather shocking, but still bearable. The worst part was, he asked out loud,” HEY JESS! WHY IS YOUR EYE COVERED BY YOUR RED HAIR?? SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR EYE, IS IT?”

I froze.

The entire room (including the ones manning the counter) stared at me, which of course, I reckon they were trying to peek in between my strands of fringe. For goodness sake people, the computer screen is that way!! There is bloody nothing wrong with my eye, I just like to wear my fringe that way – and no one is to question me on that.

I showed him the middle finger and he yelled out,” YEAH i KNOW YOU WANT IT, COS YOU DON’T HAVE IT!”
For the love of God! Would somebody please strangle him for me???

Things began to grow terribly annoying soon after. The traffic lights at one of the crossroads were faulty and everyone were in a massive gridlock… during the peak hour! As though it wasn’t already a bumper-to-bumper crawl, it doesn’t need any additional factors, thank you very much.

When I got home, some senseless idiot was parking on my space!!!!! Gosh. I was fuming as I barged into the house only to find out that my maid had forgotten to include hardboiled eggs in my tuna regardless of my reminding her innumerable times!!

And finally, my opposite neighbour died… again. Don’t ask me how he is mortally capable of dying twice, but hell he did. Hey, randomly, does anyone remember our literature component back in high school entitled ‘ There’s been a Death in the Opposite House‘? Haha