My night sucked. I spent hours worrying about Benj and his issues. Which, of course, included mine as well.
Anyhow, to cut the story short, we resolved it pretty soon and yeah, it was one of those moments again when I realised how much Benj and I love one another.

Is this some ‘devil of all love’ phase? hey, most of my friends are going through relationship problems at present. And why is that? Could love be facing its dooms day? Would love ever perish in the hands of hatred? Whatever it is, ours is invincible… and I know it dear.

Benjica numero uno!

Had a rather dissatisfied lunch in Manila’s Place.
Please note: this picture was taken BEFORE our meals

My reasons for dissatisfaction are hell justified:

1. Slow service
2. Senseless staff – what are we supposed to eat our meals with, our hands?
3. Unobservant staff – we had to wait for eons to have our dessert served even after we finished our meals a long time ago; eventually having us to ASK for our dessert.
4. Untrained staff – did not ask what side dish us customers wanted, instead, simply assuming so.
5. Blur headed staff – we had to continuously beckon them to the table.

6. And… what’s the point of elaborately decorated meals when it purely sucks??

However, it just sucks as I had to bottle my frustration in; only because a friend of mine and Joyce’s other friend were working there as well. *sigh* Oh, and to add to my frust, they better thank their lucky stars that there wasn’t a customer feedback form on our table. Otherwise, they are to