Thanx fer fuckin up ma whole 16yearz ov life ya pathetic fool. Tiz iz fer ya. Ma heart kant say how much i hate ya. Burn in hell foh all i care. I had enuff of u. U taught me wut itz like to hate and hate is what i put upon ya. Thanx fer demolishing mom and thanx fer making me a rebel. U deserve every piece ov shit morons can hurl at ya. Im not sorry foh all tha thingz u’ve done to mom and i… it made us realize that we can sustain your abuses and violence.

21 is tha age where i save mom frm ur grasp and leave you dying alone.. I shall start ma family AWAY frm u, ya fuckin old man. How did i live ma 16yrz of life hiding tha bruises and scars u gave me? You think u can shadow ma future with ur eccentricity? Foh ur pathetic information, im successful, happy, and a wholesome person. I achieved it all with momz guidance.. Im stronger than u think, bastard. How did mom live wedded with u, hiding her agony frm me? Dun worry mom.. i now see tha truth.

What u did last afternoon took tha better of me. Evil thoughtz clouded me.. I had to kill u, before u took our lives. But I attempted suicide and thank heavens, ma Lord saved me in time.  Death is not an option. it will NEVER be. Death is wut YOU deserve.. not i. Thus, i commit this in2 Your hands o’ Mighty 0ne.

In tears and in pain, i wrote this piece.. this piece of paper with the exact words will be there on ur coffin or in your urn. I juz wanna tell u that i had enough. Anymore, ur bloody face will b on tha obituary section of tha daily.

Here I lie bleeding,
With ma heart hardly beating,
Each tremor eats me whole,
Itz you who had killed ma soul….

Ma life is destroyed,
With tha world to avoid,
Ur presence blackenz ma future thatz bright,
Forsaken and degraded in my very own right…
Ma pain had turned to anger,
Ma fear had turned to rage,
Ma soul is out to KILL you,
Ma revenge is yours too.

To watch you perish,
Heaven is bound to relish,
Turning away frm good,
Stabbing you churns ma mood,
People r blinded frm wut i see,
Im decaying in ur wrath.. for I live with thee.

Your weak heart in mutilation,
Resulting ma heart in satisfaction,
Life and life is not what you deserve,
I long to kill u bastard.. but for tha Lord i shall conserve,

For all these years Im thorned to death,
What i pray to hear is your very LAST breath.