–Tha scarz remind me.. dat tha past is real….–

Well…. Wut happened 5hours ago wuz not exactly wut I had expected.Sumthing dat completely caught me off guard that I wuz in a state of shock for a moment. Now… wut happened wuz a road accident.

We were at tha round-a-bout near RECSAM when a sudden force juz ejected us off the bike. It wuz tha hit of a Proton Waja. On that very moment, wut wuz in ma mind wuz nth but “God plz save us”. And tha moment i fell to the ground, (headfirst) tha pain juz took over me. Frm a distance, i cud see ma helmet lying not where it shud be, but on tha ground about 3metres away frm where i wuz. (wasnt it sposed 2be on ma head?) I forced maself up for fear that any vehicle wud cum ramming at me next.

But wait. Where wuz ma hubby? He got up in a blink ov an eye n yelled “B!!! ARE U ALRIGHT>???” SURE? U LOOK SO PALE!! OHMYGOD SORRY!!!” Wut he sed wuz tha first thing the had on his mind tha moment he got up frm tha ground. I wuz so touched all i cud say wuz “yeah im fine”. And to think that i wuz planning NOT 2talk to him… (advice frm tingen =>) and i wuz STILL angry with him over wut happened tha day before… So juz imagine, if we werent so lucky…. i might not b able to see him again. After we got 2d hospital thx to tha Swedish dudes Proton Waja, the joy i felt when ma head wuz against ma darling’s warm (moving) body, i thanked God over and over again.. i rlly feel grateful foh u protecting us… n not seperating us.

God speaks… i know it. But sumtimez, i juz ignore it. god spoke much 2me 2day, n yet… i took it lightly. It seems that, everything that is about 2happen, normally cumz with a warning. Today’s lesson taught me much. It taught me that i shudnt take life for granted and made me realize how much i love ma baby.. itz no cliche i assure u. Well I guess.. i’ll appreciate u more than i ever could now sweetheart… and well, mom n dad came over 2da hospital n wuz rather frantic about it. But, they were grateful that we didnt DIE in the middle of tha road juz like that.  I mean, anything is possible!

Signin out>>
Tha Jess in pain…… physically ov course. Oh well… that juz gives me an excuse fer skippin sch 2mrw… muahahhaha