… mortals shalt be helpless.. for fate decides all..
In a void depth,
Our future stares solely all along,
I quiver n hope,
A sparkle of faith shall we stumble upon,
Distance is not a factor,
Distance is not a fear,
Let alone be a hindrance,
To what we own in patience..

With a heart of trust,
And a dazzling new belief,
We will survive this absence,
Resulting a heave of relief,
I commit us unto tha Lordz hands,
Nodding with confidance..
Strutting with pride..

We’ll prove dat time is not an obstacle,
and dat we’ll return 2each other once again,
with a stronger bond and a wider scope,
our invincible love- will yet retain,
Watchin our flesh n blood with offsprings of their own,
We smile in coy, our love is in bound..
With this i proclaim; that ur trust in me is real,
I shall wait for your return.. and this is not a tale.

—->we can make it thru it all<—–
dun worry B, i hv realised….