Every girl loves dolling up, that's for sure! Be it for a party, an event or for any occasions alike. And no, we don't just do it for the men πŸ˜‰ This Chinese New Year, I'm sure lotsa babes out there received angpows in abundance! So here's what you should do with your angpows – SHOP SHOP SHOP!  After the basic and essential beauty regime of personal hygiene, the fun REALLY begins. Thanks to Chew for being my photographer of the day πŸ™‚



Dressing up, jazzing up and making up!


But before that, many thanks to my sponsors Irenelim Fashion – a very popular Malaysian Online Boutique, Soak Republic – an accessories and bag extraordinaire and also Maybelline – a leading New York make-up line. Honestly, I reckon they already need no introduction! πŸ˜€





Lemme 1st introduce to yall, Irenelim Fashion. They are insane I tell ya! There's updates of new tops, skirts and dresses everyday! Imagine that, waking up to new clothes to shop among. After shopping at their online boutique, they use PosLaju to courier your lovelies right at your doorstep. Very efficient too! It technically takes not more than 2 days for me to receive my stuff πŸ˜€



They deliver to anywhere in Malaysia and other countries as well for affordable prices. So hurry up and shop there! When I say hurry up, I REALLY MEAN HURRY UP! Their stocks sell off really fast and lotsa my friends who browsed there slightly late, told me that their faves were already all sold out. Yup, it is that popular πŸ™‚



Oh and, I like how they personally service you. You can add them up on MSN chat for any queries but even if you dont, just leave a comment asking whatever you want (e.g: sizes, colors) and they will reply you almost immediately. How efficient!

Here are a few of my stuff which I got from Irenelim Fashion

The latex/liquid leggings with golden zippers!

Love them to bits – really soft, stretchable & comfy πŸ™‚



Their blue sundress!

Won't tell you how it looks like behind, find out yourselves πŸ™‚

Hint : I've never seen something quite like it!



The long black cardigan!

Perfect to wear if you're feelin' a lil chilly or

to cover up a bit more (without looking too conservative) if you're wearing something too revealing




So you know where to go now!

It's www.irenelim.com/fashion

πŸ˜€ Happy shopping gurlies





After dolling up, I never leave home without at least an accessory. I like to jazz myself up to match what I wear! Yeah, I know sometimes you don't wanna be too flashy but here's a great option that will pimp yourself up without going too over the top. Lemme introduce you to Soak Repulic!


The latest hype now are their bib necklaces! That's really something that will stand out from a boring crowd πŸ™‚ But other than those, they have a myriad of accessories there, you will be spoilt for choice! From necklaces, rings, lockets, bangles, earrings and even very unique accessory holders! Really novel trinkets, you definitely won't be getting 'em elsewhere *winks*



Lemme show you my goodies from them! A really pretty lock & key bracelet, unique angel and crown rings…



Gold and pearl bangles! You can choose to wear them separately, or all at one go like I did πŸ™‚




And my favorite! It's a studded brown clutch. Ya can either use it as a clutch or a sling bag, as it comes with a long golden chain for you to strap around yerselves. I've brought this beauty out a couple of times during events, and I'm glad it brought itself lotsa attention from my babes πŸ™‚ Piccies soon! loves.




So here ya go! Shop for all your lil lovelies!

It's www.soakrepublic.com

You can also find them on Facebook and do follow them on Twitter!





After checking yourself at least 100 times in the mirror with your spanking new apparel and accessories, it's time for some flirty and volumetric lashes! To me, eyelashes are something that defines the female species! (Other than our booty and va-va-vooms, of course) Even when I go out with my barenakeid face, I never ever forget to pump up my lashes πŸ™‚



Maybelline, being a long time favorite brand of mine just launched their new Magnum Volum' Express . It's definitely a brand of make-up that is trusted for many years – especially their mascara! Believe it or not, the Volum' Express range is the #1 best-selling volumizing mascara in the world. I can totally vouch for that!


With these babies, you don't even need to stick on your falsies anymore πŸ™‚ It hardly clumps unlike its predecessor! Just 2 coats and you're good to go! woots



It's already available in all leading pharmacies

πŸ˜€ gogogo.. it's one mascara that reaallyyy won't letcha down



Aight! It's time for my reunion dinner now that I'm all dolled up! πŸ˜€ Happy Chinese New Year and much Gong Xi Fa Chai loves to all my dearest readers!! Have a blast yall