My birthday morning has reduced to nothing but angst!!!

oh darn…. I just realised that I had actually mentioned the longest string of foul words when I was rudely awakened to the sound of bickering at bloody 8A.M IN THE MORNING! Yeah, hey… truth to tell, I really had no idea I could actually take profanity to extreme level. That’s no fault of mine; would you be all so sweet with fuckin’ sunshines, butterflies and rainbows above your head when you’re jolted out from your sleep? *lol* Need I say more?

Life was sweet… Shoot! I feel like an 80year-old hag reminiscing her youth. Whatev-
The gift of life h
as taught me much, but the journey shall continue. Keeping the old memories but never afraid to make more, learning never stops.. like foolish donkeys walking forward to a dangling carrot. Heck, now I feel silly.

As true as it all sounds, the old times are the past, what lies ahead is the future, but today is a gift.. that’s why it’s called the present!

Yesterday was the best birthday present ever. The present from God Almighty. Ah yes… he works in wondrous ways that even we cannot decipher. Thank you, Lord for giving me the subject prize. Although I’m up there receiving your gift, I know that you are right beside me.

12hours ago, was my birthday eve celebratory dinner.. at SUSHI’S!!! Yayy!! Did some people-watching (no worries it won’t be like the last time) and saw an obnoxious woman with her torn undergarment for public display! Yeah, i warned my mum not to be so oblivious to her surroundings in let’s say… 20years down the road. Not that I will bother, of course but at least I wouldn’t get all self-conscious if people start to stare or whisper. My cell-phone just couldn’t stop bugging me last night, hey thanks to all you blessed souls out there! Thanks for remembering me! *grins*

Mum and kakak switched off the lights and came in with my favorite
chocolate brownies!! (with a lighted candle on embedded) singing a not-so-dignified version of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Tonight as usual, my hubbz will be planning some sort of surprise for me. Which is sweet! But hey, I never get tired of his surprises! You gogo darling!

Being older never felt better!