Nowwwwwwwwwwwww who thinks they deserve a holiday putcha hands up!!!!!

I bet you must be either slugging behind your desk either at work or staring at your pile of assignments at home but still reading this blog 😀 I don't know but if you ask me, I'd rather be off on an island 3000 miles away or anywhere else far-flung across the globe.


Adventure beckons!



Everyone deserves a holiday – be it with your friends, family or better half, travelling the world for sight-seeing, backpacking, shopping, cruising or even relaxing. No money? Come on, you don't have to slurp on spaghetti under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, sit on a camel in the Pyramids of Egypt or even playwith the pandas at The Great Wall of China to consider it a holiday.



It can be anywhere!




Thankfully we have Travel Specialists like Mayflower to take care of our travel needs. Thank goodness! From ground arrangements such as hotels, meals, transfer transportations and tour sessions, you know who to turn to!


Do I hear a BIG sale? Woo hoo!

There's a grand prize of the Nissan Grand Livina too, ya want it? *winks*


They will be making their way to participate in the MATTA Fair again which begins today! Yup, on the 12th-14th March 2010 head on down to The Mall Shopping Complex Concourse area which is located opposite the PWTC. This means you don't have to push and shove through the crowded PWTC fighting for space to enquire for good deals!


And best of all… to check out Mayflower's holiday promos, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR ENTRANCE FEES! Unlike the other travel agencies at the Matta Fair



When I came across their holiday packages, I found out some pretty awesome deals that were so attractive yet affordable 😀 Ya gotta check it out! Im gonna show you some of them. So lets just say you fancy a holiday by the beach… something like this?


During my trip to Langkawi


You can opt for a these packages which I found:


I love staying in villas 🙂 it just makes you feel one step closer to nature!



But what if your yearning for an adventure? Something more exciting, rough and adventurous perhaps!




There are plenty of holiday destinations which Mayflower is offering… Gosh, these prices are really rock-bottom!

Who's stopping you to enjoy a holiday in the tropical climate now?



Sippin' on an extra huge coconut on a sunny day.

Ahhhh.. bliss 😀




But if you fancy going out of the country, overseas faaaaaaaaarraway from Malaysia, they've got pretty wholesome packages too! What I'm really looking forward is the trip to Europe's fashion capital for 12 days for only RM7000 plus. Ohmygoshhh do I hear Paris beckoning me?





Totally feels like Vegas 😀 O

Or Hong Kong, or Japan.. love those colorful bright lights!



Since those are group tours, I know those deals would be perfect for my family and I. My fockers are a really cool bunch of peeps who are also bitten by the travel bug just like me! 😀 Even popoh has travelled China and the legendary Great Wall more than any of us!





But if you are interested in something more historical, cultural or play hard with your photography, then I must recommend you these!




*peeks* You still with me? More holidays deals that imma share with ya!




 I spotted some nice packages for cruises too. Imagine having your holiday aboard a ship with everything there for you – think the Titanic! haha. Cruise tours are always something I'm looking forward too. All aboard my ship!


hahahaha yes I am your captain.

A cruise tour above the seawaters but 1000 times the size of my speedboat!


I'm officially spoilt for choice!

Can I take all of these & go on a holiyear instead? 😀


Shot whilst on my holiday in Borneo


Chillin out in the streets of Penang! 😀


I wonder where I'm gonna be at for this coming semester break. My buddies and I love taking a whole weekend off to zoom away to a land of local discoveries! We do that very often in fact. Langkawi has been our frequent holiday haunt and I fully recommend the round island tour! It comprises island hopping and touring the whole island.. go for snorkeling too!



There you go! Choose 😀



I just love how Mayflower can give us so much choices of packages for any holiday!

We don't even need to worry about accommodation, meals or transport. They've got it all done for us




So what are you waiting for? Your much needed holiday is just one click away! Do yourself a favour and book that getaway you've always wanted. I know I am! 😀 😀




So you know what to do, be there or be square! It's 12th – 14th March 2010 at The Mall Shopping Complex's Concourse held the entire day! It's just opposite PWTC. Here's a map to get there if you don't know your bearings 😀




So remember, get yourself a good holiday deal at the Mayflower booth there or at their website at  Check out my last blog entry on how 2009's MATTA Fair was – here! Insane and crazy deals were all fully booked! I've been on vacation with their services and packages before so I know they're that good & efficient.



So, watch for your favorite destination, only at

I'm sure you'll sniff something out that you'll like!

Pack me in your suitcase if you go on your vacation pretty please? 😀