We met by chance at a swanky restaurant called The Apartment located along the walk of The Curve. It was a gathering of food and sharing social experiences one rainy, Thursday night. Amongst the other people, and glorious nom-noms… someone, or rather something caught my eye.


Oh, many of you have been asking where I got my bag from. Lemme tell you one more time!

It's none other than the bag & accessories extraordinaire, my awesome sponsor Soak Republic!



Lemme continue tellin you more about him…..


He was sleek and always with an immaculate appearance.

He was tiny and always cold hard & shiny on the outside but packs a punch and so much love from the inside.

When I was introduced to him, I couldn't resist pressing his buttons. *wink*  When I did,  lights beamed fom his inner soul


And throughout our relationship,



He thrilled me when we got sky high together

I felt a sense of connection and intimacy with him and the outer world

He brought my adrenalin to a maximum and made me sweat so much

( all on Genting rollercoasters & spaceshot rides lah, what were you thinking?)



Whenever I saw him, I knew I was his sunshine


We dated for more than a month and I began to discover new things about my loved one. I know you guys are curious to know how our dates and how our exhilarating moments passed so fast! He was enough to make me leave my current companion – who hasn't exactly made me very happy throughout our relationship.



My love and adoration towards him propelled me to blog 3 times about this special hearthrob. ONE was never enough

My love story 1

My love story 2

My love story 3


And if you were to ask me to summarize our relationship, I would tell you TWO very attractive features that got muh heart a trippin' <3

I was showered with unlimited love and he was ostentatiously generous too! He shared me with the rest of the world 🙂



Yet he was never calculative with me. In fact, he helped me with my finances too.. and for the love I showered upon him, he even gave me more than I asked for. It was reciprocal love.




We've been going out for a more than a month –  I slept with him, ate all my meals with him, bathed with him (I hope he didn't peep!), went onto awesome holiday trips with him and more. We were inseperable! Time made me realize that I couldn't live without him by my side. So out of my love for him, I converted into his kind… so I can be with him forever.



Something like the Navis in Avatar, but heck no not blue. I turned yellow instead!



I am now officially berry-fied by the love for DiGi!

And so should you, after all… It's always the smarter choice 😀