Following the 2 blogposts of my comparison between Maxis BB plan vs DiGi BB plan and my Blackberry Unlimited experience battle review, it's already pretty obvious which one kicks ass better in terms of price and connectivity 😀 😀


But it's still not the end of the saga just yet. Lemme also show you what awesome things you can do with your DiGi Blackberry. With such connectivity all over the place 24/7, it's no wonder I am so well-connected everywhere I am. I eat, sleep, work out and yes even take a dump with it 🙂 Randomly, here's a piccie of me in the gym on one of the weekday evenings. Sighhhh.. I was caught sub-consciously BB-ing by Chris



You obviously don't wanna see me take a dump with my BB right? 😀

There's no one to CATCH me on the toiletbowl anyway




I practically do everything on my Blackberry thanks to DiGi. There's no need to search for wifi or wait forever just to load a simple webpage. Heck, I even blog on the spot with my Blackberry! Other times are spent keeping me off the brink of boredom 😀 😀

Take this moment for example. I was all alone waiting for a parking space but yet still replied my Facebook comments by just REPLYING TO THE EMAIL NOTIFICATION. There's no need to take extra steps to deliberately log-on to Facebook just for the sake of replying people on your wall


Just an example of a typical casual conversation between a friend and I

See the word 'VIA EMAIL REPLY'? Proven to be efficient, no? 🙂



Anyways, I was in Penang the entire day today all around town, particularly Armenian Street, Cannon Street, Acheh Street and Campbell Street all morning sniffing for newsworthy stories along streets.


Good Morning world! Shot at an ungodly 7am >__<

Yes I was talking on the phone with theboyfie who gave me a morning call on my DiGi BB



But I was really upset that my Maxis BB had hardly any connection there and even around the vicinity of Penang Road! Why liddat one!! -________-  Heck, I couldn't even send a tweet out without having it to fail a couple of times! The EDGE signal was very, very poor and I switched to my DiGi BB instead to update my fellow Tweeples about my ongoings! 😀



Thank gooodness I have my DiGi BB as a back up!



 Oh and thanks again to Yellow Man for always keeping me well connected!