As a little girl, I used to watch my mom apply her make-up before she goes to work in the morning.

I would wonder why she needed any make-up at all, since she always looked beautiful enough to me.


And then I went through something called growing up.

That's when I finally understood.


Make-up? Errrr…….really?


The wonders of make up; I soon realized that daily make-up isn't for you to look like a circus talent, but to enhance our natural beauty and bring out the best of our features.

That being said, it's always important to learn the right techniques so we ladies know how to groom ourselves the right way and achieve the look we want, lest you end up in a disaster like the photo above.

Noriko Imura and I


Thus, I was delighted to be invited to a make-up demonstration by professional make-up artist Noriko Imura from Japanese make-up brand K-Palette.

They have spread their wings out of Japan & launched itself in Malaysia recently. 


K-Palette's range of products


I made my way to SaSa in Bangsar Shopping Center on a Friday morning to learn something new.


We were given a brief introduction about what today's session is going to be about and was introduced to K-Palette's official Japanese make-up artist Noriko Imura.



She began by welcoming us and asking us a few simple questions about our own make-up regime.

Without further ado, she started her make-up demonstration and tutorial with K-Palette's products.


After cleansing, toning & moisturizing, the 1st step of cosmetics is always the make-up base


Using a base make-up helps you set in the make-up that you will be applying for a longer lasting finish.


The next step is K-Palette's Kumo concealer


After choosing the right shade for your skin, it is important to conceal your dark eye-bags & imperfections.

This concealer contains Vitamin C, whitening ingredients & chamomile extracts.


Noriko applied the concealer under the eyes in a triangular shape & blended it smoothly


She also taught us how to blend it outwards & where to apply the concealer to brighten up

our faces for a more radiant look.


The 3rd step is face powder.


Using face powder ensures a matt finish, oil absorption and also helps the make-up to set in.

The next stage of make-up is to fill in your eyebrows.


Noriko shows us the correct place where the arches of our eyebrows should be


Haha! This is always my weakness. I tend to spend a longer time on my eyebrows just 'cause I haven't really mastered the skill of perfecting my eyebrows yet.

So I paid extra, solid attention! πŸ˜›


She used the dual ended K-Palette's Lasting 2-way Eyebrow pencil


First, was to fill in the gaps of our eyebrows & shape it according to its natural contour


Then she used the pointier end to define the arches and the ends of the eyebrows


Her final step to the eyebrows is to use the eyebrow mascara

(Now, that's a first for me!)


It's just like a normal mascara, actually.

She used it to brush & thicken the eyebrows for a sleeker, neat look


We were also taught different ways of filling in our eyebrows to achieve different looks.

Noriko sketched the eye and the eyebrows while explaining where the arch is supposed to be placed



Thicker & more rounded eyebrows will present a younger, more 'kawaii' (cute) look, where as the thinner & more arched eyebrows will give a more sexy, mature & gorgeous appeal.


She also showed us another eyebrow pencil which comes in different shades

(not available in Malaysia yet!)


After defining the eyebrows, it's time to work on our peepers! The eyes itself.

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul. So.. we'd better make it look pretty damn appealing!


She used K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyeliner (1 Day Tattoo)

This is Japan's top selling liquid eyeliner by the way!


I use a lot of eyeliner – have been an avid eye-liner user since I was 15 years old!

If you didn't know, I used to be a scene/punk kid of some sort. That explains the heavy eyeliner LOL


Anyway, Noriko explained that thicker eyeliner used in the middle of our eyes gives a more 'kawaii' look while thin strokes of the eyeliner exudes a more mature and refined look.


She winged out the ends for a more elongated shape & a sexier appeal


See how it gives the eyes more depth and expression? πŸ™‚


Apart from the liquid type, there is also another version of the 1-day Tattoo eyeliner – the pencil type.


The final step to eye-make up, is most definitely the eyelashes.

Who doesn't love thick, long & dramatic lashes that flutters gently everytime you blink?


Curl your lashes before applying mascara


Noriko used K-Palette's 1-Day Lash Perm mascara in black


Just two coats and we're done!


I just love the curved shape of the mascara.

Makes application so much easier! πŸ˜€


Before and After! See the slight difference after Noriko's demonstration of light/everyday make-up?

It really is easy πŸ™‚


There is no such thing as ugly women, only lazy ones!

So ladies, no harm in unleashing that beauty of yours every once in a while πŸ˜€


Best part is, K-Palette's whole make-up rage is waterproof!


After the demonstration, we were given some free time to explore and play with K-Palette's make up.

I took the chance to experiment with their products and used their concealer, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner & mascara.


Here's the result!


What do you think? πŸ™‚ I enjoyed using their products for the 1st time!


LOL when I was applying the liquid eyeliner, the girls around me and even the Japanese crew members were astonished and praised me for how I applied it so quickly and deftly on my eyelids. 



I didn't quite expect so much reaction! 

8 years of everyday liquid eyeliner usage gives you THAT MUCH practice, I suppose


Here's another before and after photo.

Michelle and I coincidentally happened to take a self-shot before we had any make-up on, so I just decided to snap another one after we slapped on some make up.


Nice? πŸ˜€ Their products are really easy to use too!


Thank you for a lovely time, K-Palette & Sasa!


I was truly honoured to have learnt some professional make-up tips directly from a professional make-up artist like Noriko Imura herself.

It was difficult trying to comprehend her articulating herself in fluent Japanese; luckily we had a translator that morning! 


The very next night out, I decided to be cheeky & play around with the brand new K-Palette cosmetics I have. 

My mates and I headed out for some partying at Vertigo KL and here's my look for the night.


I tried to replicate the 'kawaii' Japanese doe-eye look 

Clearly, I do not go well with this image. So unbecoming of me LOL!


But it was so much fun experimenting with K-Palette's make up!! πŸ™‚



Also, If you love eye-make up as much as I do, you should totally check out K-Palette's Amazing Eyes contest on Facebook where you only need to upload photos of your beautiful made-up eyes (of any brand and any look!) and win!


You can also try out K-Palette's range of cosmetics and get your own at any SaSa outlets nationwide



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Much love,