The night was still young as we hung out,

Doin’ the thang we lovin’



Had a fab time with ya’ll! Especially your monster drink =P Brilliant. Tell Azevedo & Rapheal what they’re missing. Ha ha.


Anyways, I bunked in at Nadia’s house for the night as mom will freak if I were to come home at an unearthly hour. Goodness me, oh my. We dominated the kitchen! As a person who doesn’t know the a.b.c’s about cooking, (but would love to hone my cooking skills though) we had a blast! Hmm.. grabbing anything we saw in the fridge and making some weird fusion of everything, I sure was full to the brim. BIG TUMMY BIG TUMMY! *ahem* So I had to sleep even later as I DO NOT condone sleeping immediately after consuming a substantial amount of food.

After a hell lot of pillow chatting, I realized that my brain didn’t tune with my words anymore and that I wasn’t in sync with my mind. Could I be rambling incoherently? Ask Nads, oh wait – she probably wasn’t in her right frame of consciousness too.

Fuck. I have to work in the morning shift tommorrow. Oops, should i take a sickie?