Fantastic. I’m now eighteen… and officially legal! But then again, it doesn’t make any fuggin’ diffie to me because I’ve already done everything that is forbidden to under eighteens – aw, c’mon, don’t tell me you didnt watch 18rated movies when you were below eighteen. haha… and of course, there are many other things to be done that our corrupted minds can all imagine.

Anyhow, I’m eighteen and lovin’ it. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special and memorable in every way. To my sweetheart Benjie, thanks for making my birthday sweet, simple in a way, but nevertheless warm and memorable. By the way, I love the hedgehog! That was very sensitive of you dear, to think of that. *mwah*

Lunchtime was fun in Manhatten Fish Market. Mum, Hubby’s mum, Hubby and myself – just the small group of us. Seafood platter was deliciousss!


Kakak, thanks for your thoughts – loved the Secret Recipie Lasagne! My dear old buddies, thanks for being with me on my pre-birthday! To my workmates, you’ve made my late night fab! Ikan bakar will always always be one of my favvies! 

Definately not forgetting the friends and family who gave me their personal wishes; you know who you are – it was so very thoughtful of you. Nads and Steph, love your presents! My loving family, many thanks for all your ‘angpows’ and birthday presents!

 Oh, and to my friends who wished me through friendster – thanks lots to ya’ll too!

This is my first birthday spent with so many groups of people = so many celebrations!