Oh nno.. here I am wide awake and I’m having an early morning jog tomorrow~! Dang. oh well, I don’t tire out easily.. I rock. Cos’ I’m Jess Almighty! (nickname courtesy of Cedric & Joyce) Had a great time chatting with my boo on the phone for an hour and was still in my uniform! *lol* He hasn’t showered either!

What am I still doing here? Computing & I.T test today was kinda good, except that drawing of a satellite. mwahahahahaaa… tell me to choose to paint Picasso style or drawing a satelite out of the blue, I would choose the former. I mean, whadda hell>? That was so uncalled for. All I can say is, my satellite bears close resemblance to a Jacob’s cracker biscuit.


Oh, and I’m turing 18 in less than 2 weeks!!!! Have been waiting so long for my birthday to finally come around, and it’s coming!!! *grin*