Welcome to the world of ignorance. Never in my life had I witnessed such an uncalled-for phenomenon in my entire life. Every single soul for that matter, is blatantly ignoring what is actually happening in front of our very eyes. This is because

*oops I just saw someone yawning*

So, as I was saying… everybody is completely ignoring due to the fact that no one is remotely interested in the first place. Thank heavens with my very four limbs that I am actually FINALLY done with this mundane protocol. At this very point of time, I am sub-consciously staring at Mr. Felix’s shiny and indeed barren patch on the top of his ultimatum.

Wow, just like porcelein!Wow, just like polished porcelein!

Ivan just sat next to me and he is immediately waving very animatedly to the woman in red located at a diagonal position from me. *groan* What on mother earth am I doing blogging when everyone is excited to go home. =( What is the current understatement running in my mind? It’s the fact that I am DYING IN ULTIMATE DESPERATION to leave this room of pathetic boredom.

 Ha-ha. What a comical sight. =) I sincerely apologize for my utter criticism of the humankind but I can seriously give all you readers out there an honest and detailed account of what is happening clearly in our line of vision.

 A tiny and studious-looking classmate of mine (no names mentioned as it is redundant to do so) is erectly standing IN FRONT of the OHP screen. Which part of the statement ‘human opaqueness’ does he not understand?? And to make matters worse, he is also pointing to an imaginary wishing star on the screen. While his bony index finger is skimming through the oversized text, he, the person himself, is squinting at the YES INDEED GIGANTULAR TEXT. Mind you, he is wearing glasses. Alright, jokes aside (though sheer sarcasm is dripping through my every word) Continuing where I left off, he is also muttering away in his little bubble of fantasy… Or the lack of it. *lol *

Mr. Mark Felix is drumming criticism and shooting the bloody brain off Stephanie’s group members. He is so MEAN!

Alright, need to pen off now. Shuddup Ivan, don’t talk about darn Mamak Mee Goreng when I am suffering in dire starvation. =)