First and formost, I would like to express my gratitude to my senior Andrea Tee in the most sincerest way allowed, for introducing me to this delightful website that I have yet to further explore. The most ludicrous thing is that, I signed up for LJ even before her persuasive speech somewhat entitled ‘The benefits of using LiveJournal’ This shows how persuasive she is, even in real life. Alright, credits over gurl. *lol*

Me, myself, living in this disoriented world. Before that, allow me to sip my non-existant glass of champagne as a toast to my first entry.

I’ve downed it all.

Now, I am honestly, not a newbie (in some countries they call it Noo-B and when it finally gets commercialized, people mistook it as noob. Too bad for ya’ll) in the blogging phenomenon. As frustrating as it can get, I was first a FriendsterBlogs user (which I sadly became bored of) then I moved on to Blogspot which deliberately DELETED my blog just because I hadn’t had time to blog during my exams! Like, excuse me? How can your policies allow that??????
Fuck you inside out.

Then finally is the present situation. I have to thank Andrea on both my knees for introducing LiveJournal. And yo, if the owners ever DELETE my blog JUST BECAUSE I wasn’t able to due to time constraint….. you’ll never see the light of another day. *evil laughter*

-a very pissed Jess