A moment in forgotten time, where the evening sparrows could not spread their wings to soar through the sunlit sky. This, ironically would say so much about me.

Time has always been my greatest enemy (after myself of course) and greatest dread. Yeah, well, it’s always closin up on me. Right now, it’s a quarter to 5pm and I haven’t been doing much since the past weekend. I didn’t attend school as well, but went to e-gate instead. ahaks.

Pretty lately, problems seem to have gotten the best of me, almost.. well, kinda. Just until I experienced something so magical n wondrous. That is again, God’s works. How He answered my prayers and cries, how He granted me wonderful friends to fall back to.. but most of all, is how He spoke to me in so many ways possible. With just one look, one might think of all the stuff and nonsense staunch christians would jabber about.. I don’t blame you. Well, seriously, they do talk sh*t but somehow, they meant well. I can vouch for that. Uh-huh.

And the question once again, falls back on this–
“Am I going to school tomorrow?”
My inner self and outer voice debates endlessly on the subject in question.

I shudder when I look at the time. Speaking of which, I would go against all odds to write that MPH essay competition on ‘Time’. So much to say, yet oppressed by the title itself. Likewise, I haven’t had the time to sit down and relax, nor do I have all the tick-tocks in the world to catch up on my beauty sleep. *sigh* Sad, no? Every ounce and pound of my time goes to the waste-paper basket.Not that I ever wanted to lead it there, it somehow just ends up where it is now. Damn. My eyes fleeted to the clock again.

My reluctance is defeated by the influence of guilt. Sayonara with a sad smile.