Been really busy! Hence lesser updates in this month. 

Anyway, what rocked Malaysia's music scene?


It is the first ever Asian installation of the famed Future Music Festival – an outdoor, world-class rave party originating from Australia.

As I mentioned in this previous entry, Malaysia was the first ever venue to host Future Music Festival outside of Australia, boasting 70 international, regional & local acts on our party-grounds in Sepang International Circuit.




If you missed the fabulous 13-hour rave event, then take my hand and I'll show you what happened through my eyes & party-feet 😀

I started my journey south to Sepang International Circuit right after lunch with my partymates.


Pam & I (and a wild, random distraught face) in the backseat


Emily & I 🙂


Okay so.. that wild, distraught face wasn't exactly that random after all.

It was theboyfie photobombing us 😀


We arrived just as Stafford Brothers set ended. Bummer! 🙁

But at least we could hear just how awesome they are – collaborating with Timmy Trumpet – as we walked to the event from our car.


Partying at Future Music Festival Asia in First Class thanks to Future Music Entertainment, Livescape Asia & Ecosphere


My partypeeps for the day! 13 hours of non-stop raving.

Let's do this! 


Got our rave essentials ready : our Ray-Bans & party shades, slapped on lots of sunblock, brought disposable raincoats (just in case!), tissues, fully-charged mobile phones & cameras, LED finger-lights and ourselves of course – brimming with energy! 😀 😀 


Camwhoring with theboyf while waiting for others to arrive!


More camwhoring!


Met up Sueann! 🙂


Finally when everything was over and done with at the entrance, we proceeded to go into the grounds.

There's no backing out once you get in there as a no re-entry rule was imposed.


Once you're in, you stay in 😉


With the Aussiemates!


Watching The Potbelleez at Future Stage


The crowd went crazy when they sang their single 'From the Music'


The other half & I (LOL look at Jane & Ray photobombing us!)


LOL Ash wore his shades upside down

Prolly can't see Jane's hat in this photo but she was wearing an epic feather headgear ala red-Indian!


With Shannon & Jane (and Joanne photobombing!)


The 4 piece Irish-Australian electro music group gave us a swell performance!


Managed to spot Jonny Sonic backstage! I ran outta the VIP lounge room to catch him for a photo


Sehati-sejiwa and I with Jonny Sonic! 


After Potbelleez, we stayed on at Future Stage to watch Flo-Rida spin right round, right round 😛 😛 




Flo-Rida performing 'Low'


The popular American rapper bringing the house down with 'Club Can't Handle Me' 


Flo-Rida interacted with his audience pretty darn well! He came down to where the audience was and stage-dived.

Grabbed my friend's waterbottle and poured everything on himself too! 😀


Next up, we headed to Flamingo Stage to watch Grandmaster Flash


No prizes on guessing why it's called the Flamingo Stage


The legendary American Hip Hop pioneer, musician & DJ – well known as King Grandmaster Flash!


Boyfie and I


We be lovin' his 90s gangsta rap music! He even dropped beats by Eminem and Snoop Dogg.


Joe and I at the VIP deck


Bumped into a few other friends during Grandmaster Flash's set, Leonard & Belle!


So happy when Aaron and I *finally* met each other!


We haven't seen each other ever since I left Australia to come back to Malaysia 


Bumped into a former collegemate, Theresa! 🙂
I just had a hunch that she will be there, knowing jolly well she's an EDM fan too!


Also met up with Chris, my first few buddies here when I first moved to KL!


When we walked past the art wall, Pam & I couldn't help but to run to the graffiti and take a picture with it!

Beautiful street art. Major loves!


We crossed to the other side to get to Las Venus stage to wait for Sneaky Sound System.


Look at everyone behind us waiting on the field!


Boyfie and I waiting too…….


Why are weeeeee waiting!!?


Getting darker and darker! Still waiting..


Jon, Jason and I…… still waiting


It was already 15minutes past 8PM and we have been waiting for 45 minutes! 🙁

We could no longer wait and dashed to Future Stage to quickly catch the last 15 minutes or so of Eddie Halliwell's set


We made it in time 😀 😀 


Loved the deep & heavy sounds of his house and trance mixes 


On the same stage after Eddie Halliwell was Pendulum, an Australian-British Drum n Bass/Rock band.

Rob Swire in action!


He was so lively and bursting with spirit and vigor – jumping, headbanging and beckoning us to follow suit.

We DnB revellers were practically feeding off his infectious energy! 


Pendulum performing ''Witchcraft'


I daresay that Pendulum stands strong as my favorite act of the whole event, a tie between Cosmic Gate & Eddie Halliwell.

They were so amazing and their performance was resonating with intensity throughout their 2 hour set.

Pendulum performing 'The Island'


Wish I could stay longer though! Loved their performance so much 🙁 

Unfortunately, we were all famished and thirsty as we had not eaten ever since we arrived the event at 3PM.


We had meat pies and delicious ice cream!


Laying on the couches inside the VIP lounge room after dinner


Pam & I ran all the way to Las Venus stage to catch Chase & Status!

Alas, we only managed to hear their final song performance and a thank you speech from them


Shortly after, Pam, Konzy & I headed to Gnome Stage to catch Super 8 & Tab.

Geez! We felt like energizer bunnies running from stage to stage making sure we get to watch our fave acts!


Woot woot watch the Finnish duo of  trance music producers go!


The laser lighting & flashes at this stage was extremely glaring! It was difficult to take photos or to watch the DJs

But fret not! We had our rave shades on us – it sure came in handy!


Shades and LED finger-lights!


Bumped into XinXian! 😀 😀 


Finally, my Konzy came to join us right after he finished playing

his racing game at the interactive game hut


Oh, and he won himself a kick-ass lighter in red & silver! 😀 


We all then headed over to the Las Venus stage to catch Alex Metric soon after.


Watching the British musician & DJ drop the bass! 


Bumped into my other Aussiemates, Michael and Chris standing right in front!


And the rest of the girls chilling on the field listening to Alex Metric from where they lay


After Alex Metric was over, we roamed about before heading to watch the Chemical Brothers


Fun fair rides! There was a Ferris Wheel and a Reverse-Bungee Jump ride!


From the initial 5, we spread out and so the 3 of us made our way to the front  to watch 

Chemical Brothers as well as our favorite of the night, Cosmic Gate!


Part of the Chemical Brothers!


The transition between Chemical Brothers and Cosmic Gate was so quick that many of us didn't quite notice the sudden switch!

But here they are, the final act of the night…. the German trance duo behind the ever-popular 'Be Your Sound'


Cosmic Gate


Raise your hands for Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi!


Their 1.5hour set was phenomenal


All 5 of us reunited again after the 13 hour rave – fully exhausted and drained yet ecstatic that we have lived to rave through the first ever installation of Future Music Festival in our home country, Malaysia!

First of many to come, I hope? 🙂


Final photo! Tired but happy faces 

Bought myself a Future Music Festival Asia tee as a memorabilia of the fabulous night!


I had recorded so much footage and was going to make a kick-ass video summarizing my FMFA 2012 experience, but it got deleted by accident as I thought I had already transferred them to my computer (but I didn't yet). Goddamnit! Was so pissed 🙁

But at the very least, theboyf happened to put together a simple video containing the footages he recorded! 

So here it is – 



Thanks for the footages, hun!


A big KUDOS and thank you to the organizers of Future Music Festival Asia 2012, Future Entertainment and Livescape Asia as well as its sponsors for making this event a tremendous success!

FMFA 2012 has certainly set the bar for world-class rave/music festivals 


If you were there, you definitely will remember this for life!