Relationships with partners, friends and family is equivalant to a long journey to the peak of a mountain. And in that journey, we may stumble upon a rock or two and bearing doubts on how
we feel like just going back down and watch others climb it instead.

But at the end of the day, it’s ones determination and effort to fight the challenges to reach the peak. Once you’re there, it’s a feeling of jubilation and accomplishment. You will look back and laugh about how foolish and weak you were in trying to give up the adventurous hike. All those rocks you’ve stumbled and the falls you’ve experienced are now worth the pain. There is no winning without having the taste of defeat.

But what you are inside is how you persevere to rise after a fall, not succumb to defeat.
In every soul, there is a fighter. It takes another to bring out that fighter in you

Although giving up may take you away from any frustrations at the moment,
it’s like a drug; only temporary.
Are we going to keep taking drugs each time you feel like you’ve had it?
Are we going to keep giving up each time you feel like you’ve had it?

of course not. Because in the end, you’ll only keep losing.
and losing is not the way. It never was

Never neglect nor forsake God and your family at any costs,
because at the end of the day…
that’s all you’ve got.

People whom you consider your closest and put your faith in them in may sometimes turn their backs on you for all the strangest reasons, and that’s when you begin to lose your trust in them.

It’s a dissapointment.

When your trust have been betrayed more than once, you tend to keep your guards up; habouring reservations and feeling afraid. Afraid to be betrayed once again. Once a wound heals from the pain; scar will be made. A scar that reminds of the past.

To all the people that mean the most to me, you all know who you are. Forgive me for any wrongs I made, and I will forgive for all the mistakes and dissapointment any of you have brought. Because, we are all human… and humans have their downfalls which causes harsh effects on others.
Throw it all away to the shadows of regrets and give them the best of you.