Benj’s birthday celebrations were so downright fun. We had numerous celebrations and partied with different groups of people.

Dinner with our mums at TGI Friday’s and special Chu Char delights.

The best part was birthdays at Friday’s! They made him stand on the seat and publicly yell “Today’s my birthday everyone!”. A birthday song was sang for him in Friday’s style.
Hmm.. mental note to self: NEVER, i repeat, never, tell anyone it’s your birthday if you’re celebrating it at TGI Fridays. Unless, of course, attention is your cup of tea!

Partying at O’reillys was almost the same as Soho, just that the music was slightly different. At O’reillys, they don’t play trance music at all. Only RnB, HipHop and other remixes.

 Who will still be in the running for another bottoms up?

Made many new friends there, namely Erica, she’s been such a darling to me when I was fuckin wasted. Yup yup, that’s her in  white. Can’t wait to party with her again, that sport! =)

We got home all wasted and caught up some zzzz…..Goodmorning boo! Glad you loved my surprises, it’s effort!!!! *ahhem*
oops, my card ain’t in the picture =P