Have you ever entered your house from a full-scheduled day, only to be greeted a screaming woman?

I just did.
That woman has issues, man! Blimey!


Anyway, I’ve applied selective retention and only remembered the sentences,”Don’t come back next time! Do what you want, since you’re so occupied!”

Why, thank you mum. That’s exactly what I need, a breakaway from your grip.

All because I was busy all day. Like, wtf?


Now to make the subject cheery, I would like to share my jam-packed-yet-FUNtastic day! Hit the gym as usual after college hours to pump up the adreanalin and metabolisme. Doesn’t it just hyper to endure the burn in various areas of your anatomy and feel the perspiration trickle down your forehead? Fuu-yohhhhh! (as cited from DiGi)


Honestly, it can be quite addictive. =)


Steph, Jeremy, Shino and I then headed down to Sakae Sushi to dine some sashimi, unagi, maki, teppanyaki, temaki and the list goes on. One thing I dislike about Sakae Sushi is that we have to pay for the green tea; in Sushi King, you get that tea for free! However, Sushi King doesn’t have the Soft Shell Crab Crepes which I truly adore =P


We didn’t have enough, no, we certainly did not! =) TGI Friday’s was our next destination and we sat at the bar area draining our favourite glasses of Long Islands, Margaritas, Mudslides and of course, Chivas on the rocks.

Glad to meet up my old childhood friend, Clement, again.

I still have our kindergarten pictures, you know. Mum kept all our kiddy pictures in an album. LOL. Compare those with the one we took today.

We really have to catch up, I miss those days in pre-school. So young and innocent, stress-free, prior to all the crap that we youths experience now. *sigh* Time does swoosh by when you least expect it.

That’s my Baileys Choc Mudslide at the bottom left! Ain’t it pretty? =)

As you can now see, today’s chillin was entirely plain ol’ chillin which you can obviously not detect any form of misconduct. Hence, my shell-shocked expression (O.o) upon hearing my psychopathic mother yell her head off the moment I returned home. She even had the nerve to accuse me of being drunk. That mad woman, you can’t get bloody hell wasted or even high with cocktails, alright? I don’t even get drunk with liquor, let alone cocktails. The amount of alchohol in each cocktail glass is so miniscule! So only an alchohol-intolerant noob will get drunk on cocktails. OMG. Do you read me loud and clear, mum?  (-_=“)

Oh and I just gave her a reluctant smile. Mom, please don’t try to be nice back to me only now, when you’ve already made me so goddamn pissed. Give me time. Meanwhile, get off my back or I might just decide to not come home tomorrow – just like you mentioned out of fury a while ago.

Anyhow, it’s Halloween tomorrow! Let’s dress to kill! Ghost rider attack!