As people grow, they change; not just physically, but mentally as well.
But there’s a difference between growing as you change and changing as you grow.
That, was where I was blind.
Until he became my eyes to see it, and was then my voice to enlighten me.

Thank you darling. Do know that deep down, I’m always her – that lil gurl you first fell in love with.
She’s still here, just suppressed by other elements.
Let’s bring her back together.
Hand in hand, she will return. Will be your lil gurl again from now on hunn..
she’s now tracing her derailed footsteps and erasing whichever footprint that was never meant to be embedded on the sand..  I will continue where I left off.

And yes, we’ll imprint ours side by side just like before.

I’m sorry I took off before you.
history won’t repeat
this i promise u