Praise God for my current state of being now: free from dilemma.

I’m now harder, better, stronger and faster =)

To my beloved who makes me whole and complete – Thank you for your love. Even if we’re miles apart, I still feel it deep within me.

From one end of the island to the other, I’m all yours and you’ll always be mine too.

This I declare.

Don’t ask me why the sudden statement.
What matters is: I’m sure of it.
and yes,

I’m taken. Read it and please get the hint.

I’m taken.

Benj rocks my world inside-out for fuggin 3years

I don’t want anymore hanky-panky; I’ve come clean. I’m already attached. Whatever you call it, it all means the same. I only belong to where our heart beats in rhythm. Always will.

All my gratitude goes to Nadia, Mum & Joyce who kept me sane in the midst of my misdemeanour. And of course, the constant variable: My man Benj. Back to you dear– ‘It’s your love’ *mwah*

Was sucha happy gurl today, and doing what I love doing – shopping!

Bought a new wallet for mememe as well as a birthday gift for Jovan and mum. I couldn’t resist it when I saw that jet-black beauty of a wallet wedged between the many others in the ‘New Arrivals’ table.

All smiles with my brand new babe!

I trust it will be a better shopping partner than my previous one. =P Which I do, sincerely, hope so.

Mum & I had some dinner at Manhattan Fish Market

but still had the desire to drool over Bakerzin as we walked past. *oh no*

Very soon, mum started to test on some make-up at the cosmetics counter. I grew bored as I had already purchased my wants. Hmm.. while mum had a compact powder on one hand and a lipstick on the other, Jess was very much occupied with pictures again. =P

    “Mum! Are you done yet???” =)

Daniel greeted me with an adorable smile the moment I walked past the counter in Borders. He sorta looks like a gurl now – no offense!! =0 With the hair making it every bit more convincing. Oh, and I sat down to re-tie (for the forth time) the tiny bow on my pair of heels. That’s it. I’m cutting the ribbon off tomorrow! Away with the trouble! Coincidentally when I was complaining in my monologue, my eyes gleefully alighted on this gothically gorgeous ornament.

It hell is ssso my kinda thing!

I want it! I want it! *hint hint*

I shall worship him/her with Jojoba Oil every morning, should anyone ever purchases it for me. =P

*lol* Duh, it is hyperbolic.

Oh and must I remind myself again? I love my wallet! *grins*

And…. what else? I love my wallet. I love my wallet *grins*

Gotta go have some sleep now, don’t wanna look puffy for my date! Cya tomorrow Darl