My day started out so-so, we received ourresults for News Writing and Reporting for Print Media subject already. I scored 19.5points out of 20points and mom wasn’t too happy. She said I was losing focus. Well, please don’t think she’s an insane psychomaniac alright? She just wants me to outdo myself even better. For that, I luv you mum.

I went out for lunch at Sushi King with my babes again for just a short while as I had to run off to meet up boyf for our date.Today was just all a bliss. I went out with Benj on his off day and yep, we watched two movies and grabbed some dinner at Fish & Co. The movies rocked – ‘February 29th’ and ‘I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry’

It was hilarious! Yes, I’m so glad this movie is screening because it not only gives you fantastic entertainment, it also helps to enforce the rights of the bisexuals, homosexuals, trisexuals, quadrasexuals, pentasexuals, hexasexuals, heptasexuals, octasexuals,and nonasexuals alike. Haha yeah, got that line from the movie itself. Adam Sandler hell rocks.

February 29th was a gizmic gizmo of mashed up potatoes which looks like tomatoes.
I’m so not kidding.
It makes you go, “oh… whadddddd??????” and it’s playing very well with the mis-en-scenes aspects of the filming. Incredible.
A huge mishmash of flashbacks and foreshadowing involved too. Jeng jeng jeng —- ENJOY

oh and.. food = sin = life.
Indirectly, food = life

Great food and even greater company!
Darl, thanks for the great day. Love ya.