I sped to college like nobody’s business and reached there in 15minutes given the distance. goodness gracious, I think I have put the Need for Speed gang to shame! Nah, just kiddin.. who can? They rock. Enough is enough, I ain’t sleeping like a night owl again – it’s a weekday!

MCC Splash – prepare to be on guard! NO ONE IS YOUR FRIEND HERE. hahahaaha

Today, I give a whole new meaning to H20. It used to be my buddy but now, it’s more of an enemy; especially buckets of H20. No kidding! Did you know that water balloons actually hurt when it’s aimed in your line of direction? Oh, and buckets of water can be blisteringly cold when you’re not being spared. Yeah man. Despite all those fucked up claims of mine, I actually did enjoy our take on the Songkran Water Festival – Splash!

Disclaimer : Please practice protection on anatomy.
Mr. Mark’s ambush can be lethal.

 The board of water targets

After it was all over, I could feel my bones creaking with every motion I make.

Haha. Not quite.
But anyhow, It was very chilly especially when the god-forsaken breeze comes and goes ever so often. it doesn’t help! What’s funny is, my galpal Steph found me sitting on her balcony when I was no where around the house. Yeah, it’s really sunny up there – I HAD to keep warm! =)

It seemed like a day of events as we not only had that insane water festival, we also had a a performance for the KDU Ball’s Mr. & Ms. KDU. Plus, people from god-knows-where were distributing phamplets and vouchers.

The dude on the right picture? I hell as right am gonna vote for that great pal of mine.
Talented, awesome personality, blessed with good looks, and yeah, hunky.

Then, there was downfall in my chain of fun. All for the love for one of my besties. Her boyf and herself had gone through a rather complicated series of miscomunications and misunderstandings. The best thing is to talk things out to clear the air of confusion. iF one were to claim one loves another and vice-versa, why the issue of ego and who’s right or wrong? The main point of it all is to bury the hatchet, kiss and make-up.

No one is at fault. No one is to blame. No one wanted a fight to occur. No one is right.
Everyone should compromise.

I was glad I did my best at Chillout Terrace getting the matter over and done with. Next time my dears, don’t fight fire with fire. love yall