Sunday: a day supposedly reserved for family outings, an outing which I have never observed, a day which is ordinarily no different from the rest of the weekdays.


Until today.


Dad has changed for the better. I don’t know how many times in the previous posts in my archive have I spilled all of the misery dad has brought me. How furious and depressed he had made me, the sorrow I face every single day; each new day was a drag with him.

He has indeed turned over a new leaf- gradually changing since last month.


Mum and I has decided to put our bleak past behind us and accept this pleasantly new person in our lives. I think I have said this before, I can spell the word F.A.M.I.L.Y once again, after a whole decade. This time, my Sunday was well spent with my family. My family!! However small, it still is wholesome in every way.

My dearest mum, dad and myself.

Just The three of us, it makes up my immediate family-

which deep down, means the world to me

 Lunch with my folks at a simple place, New World Park.

We sat, laughed and chatted… took plenty of pictures and basked in the family bond. Ice-kacang cendol anyone? haha

Even kakak was there too.

The brave one mustered all her faith in Allah
and decided to come with us during her fasting time and even sat through our entire lunch hour.


We then hit Gurney Plaza for some shopping and groceries. (FUGG! I DOWNED A PACKET OF FAMOUS AMOS) Dad bought some work stuff while mum and I did some window shopping. Haha, so unlike the shopaholic ey? Well, don’t be surprised, for I had enjoyed all the month’s shopping I wanted already. Now, my wallet echoes!


Met up one of my good pals Andrea, at the Hotlink roadshow. Yeah, I was supposed to work there today, but Sunday = Family Day remember? Yeps.

Had lotsa fun snapping piccies with Drea and the Maxis mascots.

Oh, and guess what??? *shrieks*

I’m finally not on prepaid bill anymore!!! All the glory of post-paid cellphone charges! Everybody say “whoooo-hoooo” with me! Altogether now, WHOOOOO-HOOOO!!
Oh umm.. thanks mum. *grins*


The day proceeded with some early take-out dinner from the Gurney Food Center adjacent to the plaza. And after that, was a one-way ticket back home.

Wow. Talk about a family day out. I appreciate. HEY! lets all go hiking together next week mum and dad!! =) I’ll bring the youth out of yall!

My family, once again. I feel that I have one – finally.