At the moment I’m submerging myself in a book entitled ‘A Dangerous Dress’, but don’t ask me to explain about it yet; I am only HALFWAY through it. It’s about a Parisian 1920’s dress and ohmygoodness I totally understand if you’re immediately turned off  by the title.. yaddayadda.. thinking that it’s some stupid fantasy chic lit or something?? But, that’s where you’re wrong. Goddamn wrong. Oh, and credits to my boyfriend for buying me that book. *luvya*

Anyway, what’s with the ancient or historical images nowadays?

Book: 1920’s old but enchanting dress
Resume: Mum’s old resumes dating all the way back to the 1980’s and gawd, the paper and the printing!

I don’t think typewriters even existed back then.. hmm.. she mentioned that she used a gizmo named blue-sumthin-sumthin I can’t remember. Look, the management even used Serif fonts and the pages stuck together with all the silver worms and such. Gross. She vaguely said something about a manual typewriter. I mean, what’s that? Aren’t all typewriters manual?

Aunt BeeLiew & Unc SoonKheng: Relating to me how their old 70’s time was like.

I mean, we’re talking about a camera that requires the photographer to peer downwards just to look at what’s directly in front of him. Goodness gracious sweet lord. Not just that, about gramophones too. I thought it only appeared in black and white movies. You know the radio which opens up like a flower with the needles spinning on the huge black disc. It looks something like this-

 And the car indicator? No, it’s not flashing or blinking or glowing whatsoever like how it is now. It’s a little stick-like thingy which pops out either left or right. And then, a funny thought came to me.

Imagine, a motorcyclist riding right beside the car at the very time which the indicator pops out. Hmm.. what’s next? BAMMMMM… and then ambulances…… WHIRLLWHIRLLWHIRLLL. Sigh. The extinction of it all.

and now, the latest one. An old Herbie-looking car adjacent to my campus. Check it out, cool eh?