Today was just incredibly insane. Ever watched Jalinan Kasih? It’s the live show where long-lost and far-flung family members get reunited by the help of the host.

The only difference is that it was live, as in, LIVE ‘telecast’ today.
Ever wondered how highly coincidental it is to actually be close buddies with a person, who you eventually discover happens to be your best friend’s uncle?????? WOW.

And no one knew a thing all this while.

It just so happens that one of my besties Joyce and I were heading towards to gym when we drove past a familiar house. I mentioned that I have a good friend who lives there.
She replied,” What?? I have an aunt who lives here!”

NO WAY. are they related in anyway?

After much unofficial investigation, we realized that I had been friends with her uncle all the while.

My goodness. I’m close to both! Which makes me a time-machine?
These two?? No way man.

Seriously, as era’s pass by, the age gap between relatives of different generations grows smaller. Haha! I once knew a friend who had a niece in the same school as she was, only that her niece was our senior in high school!! like, wtf?? nuff said. You get my point.

So, this Samaritan in disguise coincidentally reunited Joyce’s dad’s cousin with her family. There was much reverie and a melancholic atmosphere filled the room. Soon, it subsided to laughter and catching-up on old times.

Yeah man. Anyhow, I do remember that prior to the small family gathering, Joyce and I were screaming in disbelief until I reckon that the glass windows of her car could possibly rattle in a large amplitude due to our sky-high frequency hollers. Heck, the mirrors and windows would probably give way and succumb to resonance.

Yes, wont you freak out as well if you figure out that your father is actually the ex-husband of your maid’s cousin in-law? *SCREAMS*