PMR is now over. All third formers rejoice
However, the battle shall continue; haunting fifth formers in schools near you.

I remember how insanely focused I was prior to SPM – I wanted my string of A1’s more than anything at that moment. If I set my mind onto something, there’s no way it’s gonna leave my head. My revision preparations were enough to put Spartans to shame (haha) but once I entered the battle field in the school hall, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. Hmm.. I remember freaking out big time after the Biology paper as I wasn’t in the right state of mind. Yes, I was riding through the turbulence of rough seas a day before the Bio examination, don’t ask me about it, history will not repeat itself. =) Benj, I’m sure you know what we went through. ugh. haha.

Whilst at Secret Recipe yesterday with my babes, throngs of 3rd formers came storming into Gurney Plaza and many were seen idling around the al-fresco area.

Hurrah for you people! Half the battle is won.

Picture this:

Young girls in trainers with huge backpacks
young boys in baggy jeans with sling bags strapped across them.

What gives? Travelling in flocks and making a cacophony of jabbers
Pardon me. If you’re a 3rd former and none of the descriptions suits you or your friends.
Good on ya. But hey, I’m just generally relating what I saw for real.

I clearly remember what I did immediately after PMR. I headed to the bus stop with two seniors to meet up my dad; he was to drop us at Benj’s house for our Combined Training Camp patrol meeting. I spent my entire two months working my bloody arse off with my patrol members. In the midst of all the pressure and effort, I found wonderful friendship and discovered love.
Then – 2004

Indeed, that was when our paths crossed, Benj. We never looked back ever since. 
Now -2007

How time passes so fast when we’re together.
May God shine upon us forever and ever