Yesterday was a rough ride. a turmoil. a day of mayhem.

Not quite. Just, not on the outside. But it reeks of sorrow from the inside. Sometimes in life, we derail to the path of audacity – doing things that we know we ought not to.

Then again, what is life without mistakes?

That’s when we should pick ourselves up again. Pick up the dispersed parts of our life and get in control again. I used to remember, not long ago, when I was in tip-top shape – fully in control of my life and its issues. Nothing could break my fall; until lately.

Don’t ask. Don’t probe.
Just be there.
And I’ll be fine.

In times like this, my mood swings are hazardous. Stay clear away if you do not intend to get snapped at.
But the ones that are true to me will endure and share my pain. You know who you all are.
And i fully acknowledge that. Much love to ya’ll, my gurlfriends and my dude .. coming from this tainted soul, it’s a truckload. ♥

And special thanks to Mr. Irwan & Ms. Felicia who showed me an astonishing amount of concern.

Anyhow, to make my day a less solemn one, if it’s any help to me at the moment, I scored a 100% for Principles of Public Relations.
Oh, yay.
All smiles.

Yeah, a rather fake but broad upturned frown. Living in denial can kill, as said by a friend of mine, Mike C. Thanks for your advice. But sometimes, it’s a form of escapism- a distraction from the real world.
Don’t worry, I’m not on crack, people.

My drama rehearsal made me even more frustrated than I already am. Look, aren’t you fully aware of the film procedures, whereby the pre-production involves the decision-making of casts? Yeah, i suppose you are pretty much well-versed in that aspect. Then why do you still have two talents for one role? Hey, I’m not only speaking for myself but for another cast member of mine. Blimey! The indecisiveness and lack of management has caused a small rift-raft of an uproar among the cast.

Fuck you.
 If you want me to play the role, then dismiss the other girl. If you intend on vice-versa, then dismiss me.
Simple right???

Don’t leave us hanging in the dark like that. It’s simply unethical and irresponsible of you.

We are not to be taken for granted of. Period.
Warning: Bitch fit alert. Do not trod on my tail during these insane moods of mine.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Been going through a lot lately, and I ain’t taking responsibility for any unforseen misdemeanour of mine.

This is my escape: Don’t you see my smile?
I have to let loose, if I don’t, I will endure fatal contamination.

What can one do but to turn to some getaway and loud music?

Classmates and more

Dance like no one’s watching. Drink like it’s the only oasis. Inhale like o2 is ceasing.

Apart from that,

A very happy birthday to Claudia! Cheers!

And when the night is over, I am back to square one just the way I began. Just a stoned version of it.
Get a grip Jess. Hold on tight. Don’t lose your focus

Apologies to those who care.
Let me stray for a while. I’ll be stronger again before I even know it