Post-Halloween, I didn’t realise that I skipped class on his birthday. So anyway, here’s one for you Mr. Irwan :

Another year has come to pass,
Couldn’t see ya to wish you in class,
Another birthday a year to last,
Party hard before you’re too old – ya can’t turn back the past!

So here’s something in your favour,
A birthday poem for you to savour,
Hope this year makes your days sunnier
And your moments with us even brighter!


While that’s something from me, that’s definately something from the rest too. The day when I returned to college, Mr. Irwan was specially invited to class to witness a witty production from Leo, Mike and Kumar. But before that, it seemed to me that Kumar presented his infectious laughter to the class first. What was it supposed to be, an opening act? But it sure got us into uncontrollable fits of laughter!

Well, was he pleasantly surprised? What does this expression say?
Seems like a delicious present =P