Halloween was fabulous, but not as ghoulish as last years. Prior to today, I was cracking my head as to what to become, for this year’s Halloween. Many of my friends had somewhat decided; I haven’t! My character choices this time around were either a witch, catwoman or a rodeo rider. Well finally, which one prevailed? Haha.. we’ll see.

There was a swell Halloween party held at Bon Appetit, all fully decorated!

As CelebF had a party by itself already, that’s when my Halloween began. The night was pumping with ghastly oomph in the rpm and energy studio. The Halloween Angel – David, was coaching body combat and the most comical part was that his feathery wings kept slipping down each time he jumped up! LOL.

Jeffery dressed up as a drag queen and with his hot lacy D-cup bra (he hasn’t worn it  yet in the picture, still early MAHH. I’m not even ready too. LOL), he sure turned heads! I actually thought he was a lady when I spotted him from the back, what with his wig and heels. The only giveaway was the muscular arms – an average-sized lady would certainly not have that. =)

Another friend of mine was Count Dracula; missing blood stains!

Another dude dressed up as a devil’s advocate but I thought he was a butler when I first saw him! *sorry!* A gurlfriend of mine, Fuza looked super hottt as a sexy Arabian genie, my other friends Jillian, Lisa and May were lil devils, Cheryl became a gypsy and

June dressed up as a captain of a ship. Can’t wait to join in the fun soon!

After my work out, I showered and got dressed into……


Yes. The Rodeo Girl was my character this halloween. What governed my decision was the fact that I had more props and a more complete gear of a gal hailing from the WildWildWest, as compared to the other two characters.

Knee length boots, a lasso, a pistol and a revolver, sheer blackish stockings, gold plated earrings, rings, a cowboy hat, a studded wristband, a leather skirt, a checked blouse,  sheriff badges, chains, a scarf and a studded belt was all I need to be my character this year – A Rodeo Girl.

We’re now ready to party!

Both my friends Ryan and Randall were dressed up as the same character – Spartan Kings, and it was so awkward when people stared at the three of us. One Rodeo Girl in between two King Leonidas’.

Aren’t we supposed to be from different eras, and at two different far-flung parts of the world? As far as I know, Sparta & Texas are geographically distant! 

Haha. Well, at least I’m protected by two sword-wielding warriors. Muahaaaha. Hey, I ain’t no damsel in distress too. I can brandish my shotgun when aggravated! =P

Met up with some hottt female pirates, (WHERE’S CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW????) Father Death and the Vampires for just a while. My other gurl friend went as a highschool girl, not as innocent, for the school uniform was in minimal cloth! *ahem* Then, em.. who else? Okay, whatever other people were dressed up as, great effort! Thumbs up! Time for more dancing and tequilas all night.

Crashed in over at a friend’s crib and had to skip college when I woke up the next morning. Gahh. Did not feel well at all and had this fucked up s

plitting headache. Goodnight.

—-more pix in my friendster & facebook—-

Can’t wait for next Halloween! Next time around, we’re going as a……  haha, we’ll see.