A barbeque party by the beach with my fellow mass commers – juniors and seniors alike. Muneer had slaughtered this lamb (wait, or was it goat?) Whatever it is, like someone mentioned, “Dont ask what it is, just eat it!” Yeah, and I certainly did not regret savouring the flavours that those pieces of meat can hold. Muneer, the barbequed lamb/goat/whatever was great! Oozing with tasty juices and so fucking delicously  fattening till a point that I don’t bloody hell care how fattening it is!

I see Mr. Tan Kim Hock eyeing the lamb! Don’t worry Enrique, you’ll get your share =)

Simply fantastic.

The chicken was fab too; my guess is that the person who marinaded it must have very deft hands. And the one who barbequed it – credit goes to Joanna – it was very well cooked. YUMMY! Howard took over the Chicken-bbqing after that. Kim and I couldn’t get enough of the chicken. =P

have. chicken. will. travel.

Had fun downing the Grouse too, came back for more! haha. But hey, the Raspberry Vodka tastes like antibiotics. No diffie at all.
And the best part was engaging in a Barter Trade with Jovan and Jazman. Kept Barter Trading till we had nothing left to trade! =)

I was so surprised to see Zam, Azah, Azman and Kevin there too. Looks like it ain’t just a Mass Comm gathering after all, as even Mia and Kim came too.
Loved the night scenery with a city skyline.
Will send you your picture Keira!

Some of us took walks on the beach and started chatting away. Then, strangely there were sausages that appeared from nowhere. Seriously, it wasn’t there when we first came! We stayed till all the way till Adrienne’s birthday striked twelve midnight. Jeeves tried to throw her in the sea! Drienne dear, every birthday girl gets thrown into the sea if she happens to be by the beach. But, you escaped! =0

Me up with the rest back and watched them play Chor Tai Ti for a while – winnings goes to Theresa! Just imagine, if it were to be played with cash…… *sniggers* Rich hollaback gurl of the nite then. =)

 The dudes being dudes started to shuffle around
We had such a fun time and to Muneer: GREAT BARBEQUE PARTY YOU’VE GOT THERE. Congrats!

That’s not the lot of us. The others have either left early or sitting at the round stone-tables.
See ya’ll in college on black Monday!