I can’t sleep at all.. though I’ve no idea why, this situation sucks. I just can’t seem to get myself to sleep! And the weather is particularly hot tonight. And when I expose myself to the air-conditioner and ceiling fan, it just gets all cold again; which I instinctively cover myself up, only to find that I’m feeling warm again. And yes, the cycle continues  and repeats itself.

There’s so much on my mind and I would pen it all here, but words won’t do it any justice. Right now, I feel like crying, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s one of those monthly blues wrecking havoc on my hormones and state of mind. Please take me somewhere, I still can’t sleep. Look at the time, and I have 9a.m class for heaven’s sake.

I hate PMS.
I feel awful, inferior, terrible… insignificant like a scum on the earth. End my life tonight and let me live again tomorrow?

You won’t understand. The emotions raging inside, like a warzone. Am I supposed to pretend like I’m fine? Well, I’m not. I’ll try my hardest though… sigh