Last night’s sleep was horrible enough, as I only started to fall asleep at an unearthly hour. But what made it far worse was, the storm that occured last night. In the midst of my beauty sleep, what I could remember were the reverberation of thunders and the occasional flashes of lighting; alongside the howling winds through the seeps of  the window pane. It was pitter-patter no more of the raindrops as I also heard what might seem like the falling of  bowling balls hammering against the pavement below.

In other words, it was freaky. But good thing Hubby was there cuddling me keeping me sane. *mwah*

In my sub-conscious half-asleep mind, I remember saying a silent prayer and hoping that dear Mother Earth’s time is not up yet. But alas, it continued to rage on like King Leonidas at war with the Persians, albeit the blood-spills of course.

Oh well, I’m still alive and well anyhow. Yeah, I know last night I was in a total mess, all emo and all. But that’s all garbage, it happens once in a while though. I’m feeling much better now… scratch that, VERY much better now.