ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goooooooodnesssss

 How can I miss telling ya’ll about my new, and not to mention first job?

 It’s cool, awesome and tiring but nevertheless, I’m lovin’ it! Oh, before it slips my mind, I now work at
G2000; the store that sells professional and corporate attire. You know, those suits, blazers, blouses and whatnot?  Yeah, that one.

On my first day, I befriended a colleague- Waiz Cheang.

Lol. he looks so goodie-two-shoes, ain’t it?

He’s great, taught me everything (well, almost) I needed to know about how things go and how things are like in G2000. Stuff like promotions, display techniques, sizes, stocks and so on and so forth. He said I was good and
pick up things fast (ahem ahem)

Febrie & I playin around while Mingtatt & Waiz busy at work. oops.

Days passed and so did my working hours. I learned so much and even naturally remembered the
colour codes for all the sizes which I tried (but failed) so hard to memorize on my first day. Now, it’s at my fingertips. *wee hoo!* I now know how to iron and fold the clothes in a special way. It sucks that certain shirts and blazers have certain ways of being foldedand certain blouses should be hung with the velvety hanger. And not forgetting ties.

I hate them.

They have to be rolled on in such a comical manner that it just keeps slipping off. I’m now officially deft at attaching the censor tags and removing them- hey, it’s not easy! Every different garment has a different way and different place of pinning them. I think the only thing I haven’t learned is how to alter pants. *Gasp* Even my boss has difficulty in doing that.

The best part is, serving and attending to the customers. As a people-person, I’ve learnt the art of observing and understanding better about consumer behaviour. Different antics of unsimilar people from different social classes of the hierarchy too.It’s sorta like a stepping stone for me; a learning and building process. I ain’t just taking this job for the cold hard cash. It’s to pass my time in a fruitful and productive way, in the mall!!! *lol* Being the mall rat I am. =P

HAd so much silly fun & camwhoring during work! Now dear ol’ Ivan has joined me at my workplace as well. Yay!

Posing & laughin ourselves silly & oh lookie, is that a kryptonite behind him? =)

So, three cheers for my new job! Heck, I’ll be sticking around for quite a while. Reason being

Oh, and for quick reference, here’s something I’d like to share with all of you:

14 1/2 = XS
15       =   S
15 1/2 =  M
16        =  L
16 1/2  = XL
17        = XXL

and they vary in sleeve lengths too.

0 = 3 = 34 =  XS
1 = 5  = 36 =  S
2 = 7  = 38 =  M
3 =  9  = 40 =  L
4 = 11 = 42 = XL
5 = 13 = 44 = XXL

Generally, women are more complicated than men. That explains why their sizes are so as well. =)

Anyway, I hope yall out there won’t be confused again since I’ve SO GENEROUSLY shared and translated the Europe, American, and Italian sizes into the usual – extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Good luck shopping!