Heyyyyyyy guys!!! 😀 😀

Just a quick update before I get completely disconnected from the virtual world with zero internet connection and data.

Let's just hope I don't shrivel up and rot from Blackberry Withdrawal Symptom nor severe Internet Deprivation Conditions LOL


Headed towards Penang Island early this morning and adjourned to the Swettenham Pier where all the marine activities are held. It's a really huge harbour/port where I was last here to sail towards Langkawi Island!


Shot right beside the ship I'm gonna be cruising in!



Ya know something really unfortunate? Only this morning, Godmom realized she completely forgotten about the cruise tickets. The question is, how the heck are we gonna board the ship without the said tickets??? 🙁 🙁

She even wanted to make a u-turn back to Ipoh to get back the tickets left on her table. Ohnoes!

But thankfully after some calls and special requests, the 9 of us all managed to get on board!


The Pisces cruise ship has already set sail!

As we speak, theFockers and I are cruising past the Straits of Malacca


Been having fun exploring the entire ship's interior and the many decks after the buffet dinner just now. My cabin is relatively tiny but cosy! 😀


Once we hit international waters, it's time to rock the casino!

Prosperityyy commmee my waaayy pretty please! 😀 😀


Looks like our family cruise really did materialize, despite the initial scare which I blogged about a few days ago. I have to admit though, I'm *still* a little paranoid. Ohwell. Dear Father, do keep us safe!


Amen 😀