Just woke up not too long ago.

Too shaken and still in trauma to recollect the entire incident that happened yesterday arvo.ย You might as well see it for yourself, fortunately sinceย I have updated everything that happened in real-time.


I first tweeted this at around 3pm-ish :

I had to type the rest in Malay because he was peering at my screen

And then when he wasn’t looking, I turned to Facebook instead.

Just in case anything happens to me, at least my circle of friends know exactly what is going on.


I Facebook-ed this at around 3pm-ish as well :

Don’t ask me why didn’t I do this/why didn’t I do that. When you’re in a state of fear, your level of logic just drops.

All I could remember was : RUN JESS, RUN. Lose him amongst the people.


I was so scared when everywhere I turned I saw that stalker AGAIN and AGAIN

Can’t believe he tailed me for 7 hours. Psychoย ;(

You have no idea how relieved I felt when the first person I saw as I alighted the train was Konzy standing right there on the platform to get me home safely.

He was at the train station for about 2 hours just waiting for me, after I didn’t pick up his call and upon seeing my status updates on Facebook.ย I’m ssssooo sorry for having you dead worried about me ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™


Finally, after the traumatic day, I am safe and soundย 

I just wanted to go home and stay in bed T___T