This post is gonna be about footie! 😀

I know most lads are excited for this, heck, some of my guy friends are even hurling their arses overseas just to watch it with their very own eyes! 😀 😀 It's 2010's FIFA World Cup of course, the massive football fever that happens every 4 years!  (and when wives/girlfriends have to put up with their husband/boyfriend glued to the telly every night for a month)


Back this year, the FIFA World Cup will be held in South Africa! 😀

Here I am with a true blue South African bro from the hood



Last week, Astro threw its doors open to a grand launch! Now, loads of footie fans can watch all 64 FIFA matches live in High Definition (HD) 😀 Can you believe it? We can enjoy the FIFA euphoria on 12 channels altogether too!

This will be very first HD Broadcast on FIFA World Cup on Astro Byond!


Kicking off the mark of a complete viewing experience! 😀


Plus, interactive features such as news updates, results, statistics, player's profile, live chats and football online games

Best part is, for those of you who don't know English, you can watch selected live matches on Astro Arena (for BM) and Astro Wah Lah Toi (for Chinese). In support of localization yo!


Oh and for those of you who don't watch telly, you can still catch the live video streaming of FIFA World Cup




Courtesy of Astrolife, we had the chance to catch the real FIFA World Cup trophy in its round-the-world trophy tour! One of its stops was our city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! It was held in Mid Valley Megamall. Hen duo ren ah!!


The insides were packed with footie fans!



Buddy Bart was such a good company and we had lotsa fun roaming about the whole FIFA footie fiesta and nomnoms too 😀 I think it was a coincidence that we were wearing red! And no, I'm not supporting Spain 😛 Don't know if he is!


Wow looks like everything around us is red too haahha 😀

Let's go exploring!



Cannot believe it! I'm moments away from having the real trophy within a whisker of me. And no, the huge-ass poster does not count 😛


TIme to go in!


When we entered the arena, there were lotsa people all dressed up in the spirit of FIFA. Football jersy, check! Painted face, check! Crazy wigs, check! They were running around greeting everyone who entered 😀 Such a pleasant surprise!



As those were in support of South Africa, here's one that's rooting for Switzerland!

Check out the flag on his cheek 😀



But what turned out a more pleasant surprise was this!

Awwwwwwwww isn't he adorable?

Meet our mascot this year! 😀



We were in awe the moment we walked further in. Live football games everywhere, world flags, mascots and so many people were engrossed in the football themed activities they had for us! Can't wait to play


Game on!



In the background, Bart getting all sweaty playing a football game. It's this motion censor-like screen with footballs flying everywhere, and the player has to juggle and kick all the balls upwards so that it doesn't touch the ground.

Much like balancing the ball up and passing it to another player with your head… the way the football players do!


While he's busy playing, I was busy by standing and blowing my honky tonk

yeah, everyone get's one as their door gift! It honks really REALLY loud


As coca-cola was one of the sponsors, they had their giant sized coke bottle on display almost everywhere! It's bouncy and real huge! Lotsa people were leaning on it and it still stood strong in all its glory 😀 Yours truly included.



Some virtual football passing game too. You really have to use your own body and strength to do it :D



So everyone was all hyped up playing, camwhoring, blowing their honky tonks and cheering including us! It was deafening in every sense of the word. Bart wanted a jumpshot on this mini field so I followed suit.


#fail 🙁

I was just preparing to jump!


Yayyyy!! Gogogo Germany! 😀



There were lots to see too. Merchandises, showcases, action figurines and more. Don't know if they were up for sale or not, but they sure were cute! Miniature too 🙂 🙂 Collector's item yo






There was even an African man playing the rural percussions and sharing with us a wee bit on South African culture


Lotsa books and mags too for reference



We finally had enough of the whole heeby-jibby, which took us so many hours. How can a World Cup fever subside so fast while its in the middle of the heat? 😀 Finally, it was time we decided to lay our eyes on the gambit of the afternoon – the FIFA trophy!


But before that, we had to watch the 3D FIFA commercial in the darkroom 😀

If you ask me, it was very well done. Touching & melancholic too!



After the commercial, we took off our 3D glasses and proceeded to where the trophy was. Woots!


And there it is! 😀 The real thang passed down for decades and decades!



Each of us had a framed polaroid photograph of it, in close proximity! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I touched the golden wonder, albeit the barrier of the glass box. But STILL 😛 Happy maximus! It's on blu-taped to my wardrobe now. Would like to scan it here but devoid of one. Bah! 🙁 Till next time fellas! 😀

In the meantime, we're planning a World Cup Tweet-Up, to watch the live matches together! More of that soon